10-1 Discussion Course Reflection

10-1 Discussion Course Reflection

Share any new ideas, approaches, or tactics from creating your new business proposal and the project management plan to implement the proposal.

Through the duration of this course and the creating a project operations management plan, I learned more about the design process and the budget for the proposed new service Lowe’s Home Improvement will likely adopt. I think it’s important to understand the many steps that are involved when creating a solid plan. In this course, new ideas, approaches, or tactics were applied when exploring each individual step and how it affects the overall implementation of the new service. During all this research I learned how to take a theoretical idea and apply a process to bring the project to life.

What are the key technologies needed for the success of your business opportunity and how will you manage these technologies?

As technology advances companies are finding more ways to incorporate and use technology to assist in profit and success. Key technologies that are needed for the success of Lowe’s implementing a new technology-based service would include tools and techniques used for the design of Lowe’s virtual sales service include value stream mapping. This technique best supports the technology-based service for Lowe’s because all the activities that are necessary to bring this service from its ideal state to its final state can be mapped out. For Lowe’s virtual sales, a Value Stream Map displays the flow of technology programming and information needed to deliver a service to the market (Melanie, 2017). Another key technology is the use of virtual and augmented reality incorporated into retail. This is a technology that is not widespread in the market currently, but there is great potential for many companies to use AR and VR with online sales.

What would you do differently now during the design and development work early in the process?

During the design phase, I would firmly incorporate an instore model of VR and AR. The company should explore as many opportunities as possible, and if VR can be incorporated into the existing application, it should also be offered in-store via the Holoroom concept. This is service that employees could guide customers through as projects are being created. Having the instore element opens up the opportunity to encompass a larger audience and offer additional in-store service and sales recommendations. Though the design was primarily focused on VR and AR being applied to an application with the use of a smart device, having a physical element in stores would help with the phase-out plan. Lowe’s can test markets with the Holoroom and if sales in the future shift to primarily online, then the Holoroom can be phased out. However, if sales come back to brick and mortar, then the use of the Holoroom in-stores would be effective as the applications are phased out.

How will your project management plan prepare you for your professional life and your remaining educational experiences?

Knowing the different elements of creating a project management plan can be applied to many life situations and professional objectives. I currently review commercial projects for new development, but I also work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to expand or relocate their business. Having a better understanding of how a management plan works, will help me to help others as they grow their business. I am proficient with time management and organization, being able to conduct and think through a theoretical idea as its brought to a physical process will help me expand on my strengths and find errors that can be addressed early on.


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In response to your classmates’ posts, compare and contrast your course reflections with their ideas. How are they similar/different?

I hate to admit it too, but this was not my favorite course either. I have learned so much, and as I continue to take a few more courses in the MBA program, I am sure this information will start to click for me. Scheduling and time management are strengths of mine whereas, operations is not. In the plan I proposed for Lowe’s to incorporate a virtual elements in the existing application, the service would effect operations. The company has recently launched Lowe’s Vision, which uses 3D and enables customers to easily measure any room in their home with the touch of a finger, and style it with virtual Lowe’s products in real-time through augmented reality (Lowe’s Innovation, 2018). Virtual sales would be a software program that would be added to the existing store application, giving an element of retail to the 3D experience. The work breakdown structure (WBS) defines the work necessary in order to produce the product or deliverables, in this case, a new service and is designed to enable the definition of the scope of the project, provides the ability to assign the work, establish a baseline, and measure accomplishments objectively. It defines, collects and reports information to all of the stakeholders, as well as defines the relationship between work, organization and costs associated. This is a basic foundation that will help Lowe’s introduce the new service and is seems like this would be applicable in several scenarios.


Lowe’s Innovation. (2018, July). The Future of Retail. Retrieved December 7, 2018, from http://www.lowesinnovationlabs.com/

I like that in your post you mentioned that product life cycle management system was a key technology in researching opportunities for your business idea. I like that idea you have and I think this key technology is excellent. I proposed a new virtual element to be added to Lowe’s existing online application. The intent of this is to offer a new service which will target younger demographics and encompass evolving technology. I identified the use of e-procurement given the nature of the proposed service. Lowe’s will anticipate cost-plus pricing aspect in efforts of recovering the costs incurred. This is a life cycle that the company should explore, and I agree with you that analyzing this life cycle and planning can help the company with a balance of supply and pricing. E-procurement is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems (Stevenson, 2018). The company will explore e-procurement as a means of supply. Through this supply chain, Lowe’s will need to identify or anticipate material or service needs, evaluate potential suppliers, select suppliers, release and receive purchase requirements, and continuously measure and manage supplier performance (Trepagnier, 2016). Overall, our plans are very different but I think at the base of the business plan we have a lot of similarities.


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