AB 219 Unit 5 Assignment

Business marketing

Name:Date: 4th April 2017

Type of business product ZMX Global, Inc offers in the Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet.

Pan seared wild Atlantic salmon with saffron risotto and asparagusGrilled free range chicken breast with wild mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes.Chateau Briand on a bed of steamed spinach with garlic-rosemary roasted potatoesRoasted pork tenderloin in a honey Dijon mastered sauce, broccolini and wild rice.Grilled top sirloin with shallots, candy beets and mashed Yukon Gold potatoes. Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet is considered as a business product because if offers an opportunity for Bon Vivant to penetrate the competitive gourmet frozen food market and attracts new consumers

A business customer category

I choose the Government because:Forming a strategic business relationships with the government will enhance the competitive advantage of the Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet product line and increase its success in securing wide marketBy partnering with the government a global market will be created for the new product of Bon Vivant Organic Gourmet.

How internet assists in B2B marketing.

Internet provides an online platform where businesses exchanges play a significant role in helping buyers and sellers conduct B2B transactions at their comfort.The internet has developed Strategies and tactics that have enabled connection of the B2B marketing-driven revolution and has made it possible to profitably obtain and retain new and existing customers. Internet provides a platform for online communication and advertisement which propel B2B marketing and is causing it to become a point of economic change and innovation.

Characteristics of business marketing.

More transactions exists in business markets since business products are always costly and complex.Usually Business markets deal with fewer but larger buyers unlike the consumer market.The number of products that are sold in a business market is more the number usually sold in consumer markets.


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