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The Recruitment Process





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The Recruitment Process

The first step on reception of the applications is sorting them by job. The aim here is to ensure that the 30 applications are sorted according to the relevant specific job applied for, for assessing the qualifications. Since the business is still small, the secretary will be responsible for this work. Naturally, it is the Human Resource department that will be charged with the sorting of applications, but in this case our secretary will handle it. This step is followed by the initial screening of applications and resumes, for job applicants of each department. In this step, basically the screening of the applications is to ensure that the applicants meet the minimum qualification requirements for the job (Brown, 2011). This is done by the use of the job description and the set out qualifications for each job. I would personally do this, because of the magnitude of importance attached to this step, considering that it is a small business. This is expected to cut the initial number of 10 applicants for each position, to at least 8. After that, there is the initial phone screen. Having screened the resumes and applications, the next step involves screening the persons behind the applications. The main goal of screening the individuals is to gather information that may not be in the application, on the applicants’ qualifications and suitability for the position applied for (Dale, 2003). This step will help to further accurately reduce the number of candidates to be interviewed, to a manageable size, of about five candidates in each job. Again, I will be doing the phone screening as the business proprietor, because I am the person with the knowledge of the levels of desirability placed for the specific job. Inviting the shortlisted candidates for interviews is what will be done next. The previous two steps are what formed the basis of the short listing, as we are now clear the kind of employees we want to hire. This will be done by the secretary, after forwarding the names and contacts to her. To cut on the costs, only successful candidates will be contacted. The secretary will do the work because she is expected to have Public relations skills and phone etiquette. She will contact them, inviting them for an interview, with the date, time and venue of the interview, as well as what to carry with them to the interview. Interviewing the candidates is what follows, where the most qualified applicants are formally interviewed and engaged in other assessment activities. Primarily, the goal here is for us to interact with the candidates, learn more about them and validate the information they provided. This is the most important step, and it requires that a panel that is well represented to conduct the interview. This panel will consist of other current staff and I, as well as other stakeholders e.g. a representative of the investors. This step is that serious. The final step, after the interview, is to contact the successful candidates for each position, and sending regret letters to the candidates the panel decided to withdraw. This would obviously be after a deliberation by the panel on who to hire. The secretary again will be given this responsibility, majorly because it is part of her job description. The picked candidates will be hired, induced to the job environment by the secretary, and finally I will give them a brief of what is expected of them.

The employment process for these positions will be the same, and actually done together. This is because we are a start up business, and we don’t have the luxury of spending time and money on multiple processes. Besides, the jobs are categorized the same, since they are office duties, therefore the process will be the same.

Interview Questions

For the purchase and supplies position:

  • Tell me about you, who you are.
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Tell us what you will bring to this organization, when we hire you.
  • Why are you leaving your current place of work?

For the sales and marketing position:

  • What would you say is your biggest procurement achievement, in the period you have worked?
  • How will you ensure that the organization is supplied with whatever is needed throughout?

For the Manufacturing position:

  • How do ensure that you achieve your sales target?
  • What do you like about being a sales agent?

How do you deal with the pressure of achieving high production costs in a short time?

  • What would you bring to our business to ensure that we meet the manufacturing targets at the lowest cost possible?


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assessing and hiring the right people. Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page.

Dale, M. (2003). A manager’s guide to recruitment & selection (2nd ed.). London: Kogan Page.

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