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Research how the University of North Texas Access Control Policy builds in enforcement measures to ensure their access control system is effective and safe.

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Access Control System

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Access Control System


In this paper, we will discuss the access control system of the University of North Texas. In this, we will discuss whether access control system of the University of North Texas is effective or not. The access control system is a process of that control how the users and the system communicate with each other. There are two types of access control one is the physical access control system,and the other is logical access control system. The physical access control system has a limited area to access such as campus, building and the physical IT assets. The logical access control system limits the area such as system files, data,and the computer networks. The Access control system is an integral part of the commercial security system of the organization. It plays a vital role in the overall safety of the organization. The Access control system consists of three core elements such as the identification, authentication and the authorization. The main purpose of the Access control system is to provide safety of the building from the unauthorized access and also control the movement of the people within the organization. It helps to determine the identity of an individual who is entering the building. After the identity of the individual is accessed then the authentication of the person is done through passwords, encryption keys, and the figure prints. When the authentication is successful achieve than the building access control system unable the individual to enter the building up to a restricted area (Benantar, 2006)

The access control system provides policy for the personal security of the students, faculty, staff members and visitors as well. The various access control system policies are as follows:

1. General policy: According to this policy the keys should be issued to the university employees and other individuals who lock and unlock the doors and gates of the buildings.In this policy, the whole responsibility shall remain to the key holder. They have to return the key to the Access control office when they have no longer use that key. This policy is effective because the employees can use the key whenever they needed.

2. Enforcement: The second main policy is the Enforcement where the key holder has all the responsibilities related to the keys. According to this policy, the key holder is the only person who is allowed to use the keys,and he is responsible for maintaining the custody of the keys. If the policy is negated by the employees then the serious action will be taken by the organization. This policy is not so effective because if the failurearises at any point, then the security of the person and the property will effect.

3. Authority: According to this policy number will be given to the university building and the individuals who access the same. In this various rules and guidance are issued to the key holders. This policy is a joint effort of Associate Vice-President for Facilities, the Key Authorizers and the Access Control Office of a university department. As Associate Vice-President for Facilities, an individual can be elected as a key Authorizer for a specific area within the building. The elected Authorizer will be added as the master of a database of key Authorizer which is maintained by Access control office. The key authorizer will responsible for maintaining records which are needed to meet the internal departmental needs (unt, 1992).

4. Audits: The forthmainpolicy of Access control system is the Audit. According to this policy, the access control office has all the authorities of auditing the records of the key authorizers. Before commencing the auditing the access control office gives an appropriate notice to the key authorizers. The main purpose of this auditing is to determine that the departmental records are accurate or not. It is only done to determine the accuracy of the records of the department. If the records are accurate then the key will be issued to the personnel department. If there are any violations of the rules and regulation of the policy, then the strict will be taken by the Associate Vice-President. This policy is effective because rules and regulations are considered in it. The employees will work with more accuracy because their records are monitored by the higher authority of the university(unt, 1992).

5. Temporary issuance of the key: Another policy in Access control system is the temporary issuance of the key. Sometimes it becomes necessary to conduct the university business to issue keys on the temporary basis. It includes the construction conductors and the vendors who need to access the facilities during the off-hours for performing the contraction work in the university. The university employees requireobtainingcertain facilities on the temporary basis, for example, performing the weekend activities. When these types of requirements arise then the Access control office will hand over the keys to the individuals on the temporary basis with some restricted conditions on them which are mandatory to fulfill. The first is the filling of the temporary request form. The requesting form should be properly filledto get the keys for a temporary purpose, and then the university employee will sign and accept the responsibility for the temporary which is already stated in the requesting form. The requesting form consists of the reason for the temporary need of the key and an estimated return date of the keyis also mentioned in it. The Access control office may ask for the proof of university employment from the employee. The whole responsibility of the key and return will be transferred to the employee who is holding the key on a temporary basis. If the key is lost or not returned for any reason, then the action will be taken against them. If the key is returned then the Assess control office will update their records accordingly and the employee will be relieved from the responsibility of the key at the same time. The temporary issuance of the key is one of the effective and safest policies because in this the employee’s holds the responsibility and accuracy of the records will be maintained.

Apart from the above policies, there are various other policies for Access control system which are as follows:


  1. The master key should be handed over to the different higher authorizes such as the chancellor, the president and the senior vice-president for performing the administration activities of the University of North Texas. When the master key is handed over to a higherauthority, then it will help enhance the security system within the university. This policy is one of the best among allthepolicies because in this the higher authorities are taking charge regarding the keys. So this policy is more effective and safe for the university.
  2. The keys of the mechanical rooms and confidential custodial closet should be authorized only to Associate Vice-President for the different facilities. It will also help to enhance security system of the university, but on the other hand, this policy is not good because if the employees need the key on an urgentbasis, then they have followedlengthy criteria.
  3. It is not ethical for the employees and the group to obtain the duplicate or alternate key other than the university Access control office. It is only the authority of the Access control office for reissuing the key or the lock needed in the university. If this policy is voided, then the university can take serious action against that employees. This policy is also effective and safe because it helps to maintain an ethical environment within the university.
  4. If there is any requirement for replacing or removal of the locks, then the master key holder should need written approval from the Associate Vice-President to replace the locking system in the university.
  5. The master key should not only hand over to the authorized officer. It should be given to the multiple departments. This policy is not effective as there is no secrecy involved in it because the master key is distributed among the multipledepartments in the university. So this not the effective and safe method Access control system within the university
  6. The study concludes that the Access control system is essential for the overall safety of the University of North Texas. For implementing the Access control system, the university has adopted the various policies which is effective and safe in Access control. According to this university adopted the policies such as General policy, Temporary issuance of the key, Audit, and authority as well. The master key should be given to the higher authority in the university because it helps to maintain the security and safety of the essential records of the university. The audit of the university is also necessary for the overall safety of the records. The main purpose of the Access control system is to provide protection of the building from the unauthorized access and also control the movement of the people within the organization. It helps to determine the identity of an individual who is entering the building. The Access control system plays a vital role in the overall safety of the university. .

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