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Advertising Film




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Advertising Film

Product advertising is well known more than just a commercial and a magazine too. Have watched a video narrated by Elizabeth H, whereby graphics on the film was used. She tried to show how the Bata products are the best products. For the product placement he picked up the shoes and tried to show how it’s comfortable to one’s leg. An individual having Bata products it likes life meeting style. She used varieties of Bata products which depicted long lasting periods. Dialogues between different people have clearly portrayed the importance and benefits of Bata products. Display of quality bags for women and quality shoes for all are available at Bata stores. On the film there is a short interview concerning Bata products and the product remained on the forefront of all the fashions (Mohana, 2014).

The interview was done directly and orally whereby many comments were received praising Bata products including how quality our shoes are. It was a nice encounter to share Bata information to the viewers of the film. The graphics displayed on the film were quality and created attention to the viewers. The film was customer centric and had a lot of impact to the viewers (Wakefield, & Letcher, 2002).

Part B

Advertising has got positive and negative impacts to the customers. The advertisement film about Bata products had attention hook to the customers. The film caught the attention of the viewer’s where it started with kids whereby they were dressed in Bata. It created a lot of impact to the viewers and needed to know the end of the story. There was also impact on differentiation element whereby the film advertised most on Bata products differing from other products. The film tried to show the benefits of the company to the consumers which overdo the benefits from other companies. There were many differentiators on Bata products from other products which made the product the best and leading all fashion. If a company does not understand its uniqueness it cannot prosper because other companies will take the competitive advantage. The uniqueness of Bata products had impacts on the consumers and many needed after the advertisement to be associated with Bata products (Mohana, 2014).

In order to get something you should give something too. Bata products always have persuasive offers to their customers. Bata products usually have persuasive offers in order to get more customers in turn. These offers have great positive impact behind their company because it gives out good name to consumers. It is necessary for the film to sell out the products advantages and disadvantages but according to the Bata video they are not doing it for personal gain but for their customers. The film portrayed the truth about the Bata products and it is upon the customers to choose from what they already know about the product. The film was really educative to the viewer’s not only for the gain of the company but also for the benefit of the people (Wakefield, & Letcher, 2002).

In conclusion, the significance of the story about Bata products does not get tarnished. This is because what is being advertised of films, magazine, images and other media sources are truths about Bata products. Bata products are family- owned products worldwide. There is a huge market for Bata products whereby to get away with them it’s really hard. The information provided in the film cannot also be terminated of tarnished because it is electronically stored. There are also backups of the information provided and for it to get tarnished may take long time (Mohana, 2014).



Wakefield, M., & Letcher, T. (2002). My pack is cuter than your pack. Tobacco Control, 11(2), 154.

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