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Advertising Media: Week 6 Discussion






Advertisement is one of the major aspects of marketing a company and its products. It forms a very vital section of the company’s growth and development. There are different types of advertising media which can be classified broadly as traditional advertising and nontraditional advertising. Traditional advertising includes advertisement on newspapers and print media, broadcast in television, billboards, flyers and banners, printing of T-Shirts among several others. Nontraditional advertisements includes the use of electronic media such as advertisements in the internet, creation of websites, mobile advertisements, google ads, aerial advertising, flyers distributed among blogs, websites, videos, and YouTube .

The Coca-Cola is an American multinational beverage company whose headquarters are in Atlanta Georgia. It’s mainly concerned with manufacturing, retailing and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages and syrups. The company has been from May 8th 1886 to present. It’s a fast rising company which attributes its progressive development to good advertisement strategies. The corporation uses both traditional and electronic forms of advertisement to sell its products. The main traditional mode of advertisement is the use of billboards. In several large cities, there are Coca-Cola billboards spread uniformly to enhance the advertisement. These are usually made in a form meant to be very captivating and attractive to the eyes of the public. Most recently the incorporated individuals having a cold drink of Coke who seem to be extremely ensnared by the coolness of the drink .

The main electronic form of advertisement used by the company includes the use of videos. These are usually less than 10 seconds long, although extremely exciting. This are then distributed on YouTube as short adverts and in several other platforms. The brand uses these two forms of advertisement effectively well and it seems to be working for them. In my opinion, these are very correct choices for the company since it puts the products in a very strategic place and makes the products desirable .


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