Journal: Self Reflexive

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Journal: Self Reflexive

ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

After reading through the material from the last several weeks, I realized that we are not only different in the way we look but also because of who we are and the things we believe in and value. I also learned that everyone is perceived differently by others due to differences in religion and beliefs. Before taking this class, I had always looked at people differently when they did things that I considered to be unfamiliar to me. I never tried to understand that there could be a higher meaning of what was going on around me. Now that I’ve read about the diverse cultures and beliefs, I found some of the things disturbing.

Learning about diverse cultural practices has helped me better understand that everyone is not the same and there are people from various parts of the world that have their own beliefs. Even though someone’s beliefs might be awkward to others, all we can do is respect them as human beings and always remember that no one is perfect.
I do not have any biases about any cultural practices because I try to respect everyone’s beliefs. Even though someone’s practices or beliefs are strange, there should be no need to be judgmental towards what others believe. I hated being stereotyped or judged because of my beliefs and my culture growing up, so I try my best not to judge or be biased about anyone or any culture.

I feel the problem I will have would be looking at this from both etic and emic perspectives. I already struggle with writing as it is and find myself overthinking with this assignment. My fear is mixing the two perspectives. Because speaking on another culture is going to be my interpretation and view on it. However, I will do my best to put my words on this view and portray this culture openly and respectively.

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