Final: Healthcare


ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


Having different cultures and beliefs in the world today shows how people adapt to the world they live in. When people leave an environment that they are used to and go into a different cultural setting, they will see the difference from what they have been used to in the past. When studying cultural relativism, it is best to explore any culture from an insider’s point of view for a better understanding. To understand the practices of a different culture, it is good to do so without having a biased opinion of an outsider. A good way to comprehend another culture is to change the perspective to give a person a new way to see their own culture. Throughout this paper, I will examine aspects of healthcare with an etic point of view for my own culture, while also examine another cultures healthcare from an emic point of view to see and understand the practices used around the world. While reviewing the effects and impacts of healthcare in the United States, I will also explain the practice of medicine and what patients think about health care in Kenya.

Part I

Here I will discuss how African American’s resisted the abuse in healthcare through an outsiders perspective. Throughout the research, I discovered many practices discriminate based on color. Most are run by the government or are private practices. Having an etic perspective can help people understand the differences in culture. In the African American culture, healthcare is made into a family deal because they believe in being close to loved ones. They are competent at managing illnesses and diseases they come in contact with. One of their beliefs is bad luck when they have fallen ill. The African American culture also believes in trying home remedies before consulting a dr. If the remedies do not work, then they will visit a dr, but will also avoid consulting with a white dr. due to not trusting them.,

Part II

After researching the hospital in Kenya, many patients had different reactions to their healthcare facility. There were mixed emotions where some felt that this was their chance to get better and go home while there were those who thought they would be left to die at this hospital. Some patients didn’t understand what was going on with them because the nurses had a hard time communicating their prognosis. Some patients view hospitals as a constant help-seeking process, and then there are the patients that do not cooperate.

In this paper what was discussed was the healthcare of the African American culture, and how they prefer to try home remedies before visiting a doctor for their illness. There may be different concerns that are shared in many cultures. The second section explained what the patients felt in Kenya. Many people travel to this hospital in Kenya due to their excellent reputation.