Applying Theory Environmental Issues

Deontology and Waste Reduction

Charese JamisonSOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social ResponsibilitiesInstructor Lisa Gaetje

Thesis Question

Is it efficient to reduce waste by having the general public, manufacture companies and the government to consider the benefits of creating a sustainable planet for the next generation?Cartoon Kids Save The Earth The World Stock Image

Deontology (Duty Ethics)

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Stopping Waste Starts At Home

Generally, there are many types of waste (i.e., liquid, solid, hazardous, organic, and recyclable) that is a problem for many communities around the world. But, is it obvious to reduce our waste by making the first obligation at home as our practical duty? 30 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home-EndRiot Image

Give Re-Use Items To The Needy

Waste are made by the general public by infinite sizes that are harmful to our environment. Nonetheless, our beneficence duty is to improve the conditions of others in the hope that our re-use items (i.e., furniture, clothing, toys and etc.) can be given to someone in need.A better alternative is to get rid of these items by Freecycling it and giving it to the needy. Image

Food Waste For The Garden

Composting is the conversion of organic waste that is a high-nutrient soil type used to fortify farm soils. In this case, the government or state has a concerning duty to promote general public with education classes, information and public engagement, in order to, reduce food waste in the next generation as a norm.How to Compost Food Scraps Image

Trash Materials To Recyclable Materials

Trash materials have always been considered for years as waste to be thrown into landfills. On the other hand, manufacturing companies have a duty of self-improvement to improve their selves for the next generation to recycle, in order to help to reduce the need to produce fresh raw materials and create a lot of jobs in the community. The Materials Recovery (Image)

Manufacture Companies and The Government

Poor waste management practices affects the land and air we all need to sustain, consequently, these pollutants can cause respiratory problems and environmental issues. Notably, manufacture companies and the government needs to show their duty of non-maleficence to avoid harm to others, animals and plants.Waste Management in India-Perspective and Challenges Image

Waste Management For Next Generation

Waste management has always been a constant discussion over each generation. Surely, the next generation depends on our government, state, and community fidelity duty to keep promises on disposing of our waste properly and economically friendly.Waste Management in India-Perspective and Challenges Image

We All Play A Role In Energy Savings

The general public, businesses and manufacture establishments have a major role in preventing the creation of waste in the environment. In fact, everyone has a duty of gratitude to benefit saving energy by reducing waste collection, transportation, preserving natural resources, reduce greenhouse emission, and disposal costs.Light Pollution Wastes Energy and Money- (Image)

Recognizing Everyday Heroes

There are million of people starting or joining a society that understand the magnitude of the waste problem and how their own communities could benefit from their services. In brief, these everyday heroes around the world should be shown great amount of gratitude for their duty to preserve the environment for next generation. Teaching My Kids to Give Back-ModernMom Image


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