ART 1301 Unit 1 Essay: Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle

Columbia Southern University

Soaring Eagle

The sculpture that I am writing about is very dear to my heart because it deal with a terrible storm that hit the gulf coast in 2005. This piece of artwork made me feel honored to still be in this world because there were people that lost their lives. This art really tells a story about life and death. How one person or one thing can bring you back to life when you think that you are about to die. No one really knows how the people on the gulf coast dealt with all the destruction that came with one storm.

The title of the sculpture that I am writing about is Soaring Eagle. This artwork was done by Martin Miller and is a part of something called “Katrina Sculptures Trail”. This trail has over 50 sculptures and it is dedicated to when hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast and left a trail of debris and destruction behind when it left. This trail is about 40 miles long and goes from long beach to Moss Point Mississippi. This particular sculpture is located on Hwy 90 in Long Beach Mississippi in the median across from the University of Southern Mississippi- Gulf Coast Campus.

I would describe this artwork as a piece of history for the coast. This sculpture and the other 50+ sculptures are made of old tree stumps left behind from Katrina and which 20 of the sculptures Martin Millers. Katrina wiped away highway 90 and all the flowing trees. What was left was old rotting, dying tree stumps that would have pulled from the ground if these sculptures. Someone decided to take a chainsaw and carve different animals in them making the once lively road somewhat began to be vibrant again. Well before Martin Miller came there was a guy by the name of Dayton Scoggins who was hired to create a sculpture garden, from dead oaks and turn them into sea birds and dolphins for the city of Biloxi. He was paid $7000 to this garden which was unveiled in 2007. Martin Miller then became inspired to some sculptures of his own at no cost to the Gulf Coast in the beginning. Then companies started to donate money and supplies to help with the sculptures.

I was actually amazed the first time I saw this sculpture. It made feel like I can soar to the highest mountain if I wanted to. This bird symbolized to me that nothing can stop me from achieving the goals that set forth in my life. And at the same I can have someone by my side as I make the journey to what I want out of life. Every time I see this the Soaring Eagle I still feel the same way I felt the first time I seen it with a little bit pride. Just knowing that I have achieved some of the things that I said I would do made me feel inspired even more.

There is no other sculpture that can define what I want to do in life. When life gives you storms and tries to tear you down I will soar higher than I ever have because of it. Katrina was definitely a life lesson for me and my family. Making old things and turning them into something new, shiny, and inspiring is what people should try to do in life. Do not let life’s struggles make you rot and die? Just soar like a bird until you reach any goal that want and you can do anything as long you don’t let the storm bring you down.