Assignment 2 Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy


Good Juice is a new product and as with any new product we have had to figure out the best way to get the news about our product to the consumers. In other words, Good Juice needed to be advertised. However, before we could put together a fantastic advertisement campaign, the determination on what group of people would most like Good Juice or determine our target market. Good juice has a focus on healthy children of all ages with a concentration on those between 2-8 years of age. These age groups are not able to determine what beverage is best for their health or make a smart buy, so the sales focus will also include the parents.

Target Market

Target market sales will begin in Schertz Texas which is in the Southeastern Texas region. Schertz is a thriving area which includes residential, malls, strip centers, and business areas. Schertz Texas is a suburban area with a population of 34,883. Of this population 903 are families with children under 6 years of age. Average household income is from $29,319 to $67, 131 per year (, 2013). Good juice will be sold in the local HEB grocery stores. Currently there are twenty-two HEB grocery stores in a 100-mile radius of Schertz Texas.

Competition Assessment

Honest Kids, Earth’s Best, Orgain Healthy are our present competition. These companies all produce healthy juice for kids. Each company is well established possessing ample experience in the juice production business. In comparison our business is brand new with little experience. However, our product is of high quality and tastes good. Our competitors charge between $3.99 to $4.27 for an eight pack of juice boxes and produce a variety of flavors. We will also produce a variety of natural flavors with a comparable price of $4.00 per eight pack of juice boxes. The competition does have a considerable advantage over us in that they are all big business backed meaning financial resources are plentiful. The sound financial backing allows these companies to acquire the latest technology, spend more on research/ development, and advertisement/ marketing. Access to distribution and suppliers are basically the same across the board meaning we and our competitors have good distribution and supplier lines in place. The latter considered the competition is able to produce on a much larger scale because of their financial capability.

The Strategy

Every business faces competition and the non-alcoholic beverage market is an especially crowded market. With the latter in mind we at Good juice understand that we need a strategic position. A strategic position is the way a company differentiates itself from their competitor (Abrams, 2014, p. 142). Since Honest Kids, Earth’s Best, and Orgain Healthy are all well established businesses with large shares of the juice for kids’ market, Good Juice has developed a strategy to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Good juice will be organically made with quality ingredients purchased from green suppliers. Good juice will contain no unnatural ingredients, colors, or fillers. Our packaging will be made from mostly recycled materials to help reduce our environmental footprint. We will offer a money back guarantee to any consumer who is not satisfied with Good juice quality. Supplier and distributor relationships will be professional, friendly, and down-to-earth. Marketing and advertising will be cute catchy and family oriented. Good juice will be a transparent business. We will provide a website that contains all information on our company, product, and operations. The website will be a place where parents can find helpful information on proper child nutrition, recipes, and coupons. The website will also have an activities area for children to play games and read stories that reiterate the information found on Good Juice cartons.

Company Message using the Five “F’s”

Abrams, 2010, describes the Five F’s as follows:

1. Functions asks How does the product or service meet customers’ concrete needs? 2. Finances asks how will the purchase affect their overall financial situation through price, other savings, and increased productivity? 3. Freedom asks how convenience of purchase and use the product allows consumer to gain more time and less worry in other aspects of their lives? 4. Feelings asks how does the product make customers feel about themselves, and how does it affect and relate to their self-image…5. Future asks how will they deal with the product or service and company over time…

Using the Five F’s Good juice company message will be to function to provide a healthy beverage alternative, besides water, for children. By providing coupons and various special sales consumers will experience savings. Through the convenience of individual packaging consumers will have the freedom of not having to worry about the accidental spills of open containers. Buying Good juice as a lower calorie all natural beverage for their children will help the consumer feel good about themselves for the healthy choice for their children. Ongoing quality improvement and a good reputation will influence the consumer to continue to purchase Good juice products well into the future.

Marketing Vehicle

A marketing vehicle is a specific tool for delivering your advertisement to a target audience. The marketing vehicles Good juice will use are social media, dedicated website, newspaper ads, in store samples, and food and beverage shows. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and twitter) will allow us to create a following where consumers can write their opinions of our products, ask questions, and access a link to the Good juice website. The dedicated website will among other things contain coupons and special sales information. To make our social media and website more accessible we will invest in search engine marketing (SEM). “SEM sells keywords so that your advertisement appears every time a user searches the Internet using them (Abrams, 2010).” Newspaper ads will include coupons supplying more savings to customers. Consumers will be able to sample Good juice from instore samples and at food and beverage shows. These samples give consumers the opportunity to taste the goodness of Good juice before purchasing the product.


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