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Competitiveness and Performance Effectiveness for Health Care IT Systems

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Health Care systems legally provide health-care.Technology improve operations in health-care systems. Use of technology requires excellent expertise. The right and up-to-date technology should be implementedIT trainings and assessments be performed periodically. IT systems may compromise health Information.

CTOs vs CIOs in Health Care Systems

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}CTOCIODecides on the best technology implementationIn charge of the internal IT teamSearch for the appropriate vendors Manages the company’s technology infrastructureTighten network securities to avoid riskEvaluates IT budgets avoiding spending unnecessarilyProvides best options for challenging strategiesOffers guidance to senior managers on the best IT to acquirePuts in place and executes Internet usage policies.Ensure integration of excellent IT featuresHe is creative and innovativeOught to be a good manager

Developing Technologies that Health-care Should Use to Improve Health Care Processes

Changes in technology are quite fast Both hardware and software get obsolete easily.The CTOs keep an eye on technological trends Two technologies discussed are:Payer-Provider Data SoftwareA technology for creating health care networks. Artificial IntelligenceMachine intelligence that mimics human cognition

Protecting Data Privacy

Protecting Data Privacy

HIPAA security Analysis

Preventing Unauthorized Access

HIPAA regulates access to PHIEnsures no unauthorized access to information owners access data whenever they request.Annual audit to check access violation.

Strong passwords Firewalls and up to date anti-virusEmployment of private cloudEnsure data encryption

Training Providers in Using Technology in Health Care

IT training is very crucial.Should be done before and after implementation Training boost users confidence Helps suggest areas of improvements Post-implementation training should be ensuredPost-implementation feedback sessions as a training strategy

Effective IT Alignment and Strategic Planning Initiative for Health Care Systems

2. Training of users

3. Continuous system assessment

1. Acquire the appropriate technology

Health Care System IT

Improves health care delivery

System assessment be done

Data security be implemented

CTOs are creative and innovative

CIOs are IT managers

User training is critical