Assignment 3

Yes it is useful due to the following; Multiple Perspectives meaning that the decisions usually can be a positive for they does do allow the individuals to giving their opinion usually based on their different unique knowledge. It does do increase the understanding together with the knowledge for decision making does do have the ability to enhancing a collective understanding plus ensuring that each and every person does do have a voice usually listened to and also the commitment Growth for Teams advantage for people are more willing that is to committing usually when they are a part of a larger group.

It is time savings for research has demonstrated plus substantiated reduced decision cycle time, does do have an increased employee productivity too together with more timely information that is for the decision making. Does do contribute greatly to enhancing effectiveness. Helps in improving the interpersonal communication for it does do improve the communication plus the collaboration usually among decision makers. It has a competitive advantage usually meant for the business intelligence systems, the performance management systems plus the web-based DSS. Aids in the cost reduction. Does do increases the decision maker satisfaction. It usually do promote the learning too and also it increases usually the organizational control. I think decision system is the most useful for a company is revolved around by unending decisions that which is wrongly unattended or are unattended, then the company success will to be fulfilled.