BA 250 Week 8 DISCUSSION Impact of Level of Education on Income

Impact of Level of Education on Income






Education and any other form of training significantly increases the level of knowledge and skills possessed by an individual in a particular field of study. It is important to advance in terms of the level of education as it increases the level of expertise, and evidently increases the chances of an individual getting employment in various fields. From my internet research, it is evident that individuals with masters, doctoral or professional degrees earn more income in their careers as compared to those with lesser education. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees earn about $2.27 million over their lifetime as compared to those with master’s doctoral and professional degrees earning $3.25 million and $3.65 million respectively.

Apart from the level of education, the major and the industry that a student selects affect the level of income and the lifetime earnings of an individual. Management, science, technology, engineering and mathematics provide better earnings compared to advanced degrees in other fields such as sales, community service and education. Having a bachelor’s degree provides better earnings at about $1.55 million in a lifetime as compared to having college or high school diploma that provides earnings of about $1.30 million in a lifetime. Therefore, it is evident that the level and field of education has a great impact on earnings.

This information about the impact of level of education on the level of income affects my plans for my education and career. It is my priority to ensure that I advance in my level of education and carefully select my major and industry. I intend to pursue higher education and earn a degree in a marketable and well-paying industry. This is because from my research I found out that having a bachelor’s degree pays better and gives more lifetime earnings than having just a college or high school diploma. Having better pay will lead to improvement in the quality of life I live, and will enable me to pay off my debts, invest and save for a better future.


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