BA 325 Week 8 Discussion Reflection of the course about labor unions

Reflection of the course about labor unions




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The opinion that there should be labor union membership still remains strong. Labor unions were started with a purpose to fight for the employee’s rights, wages and also working conditions. Labor unions were formed to represent the employees to the managers against any action contrary to the employee’s interests. Labor unions have done unexplainable and credible job to the Americans citizens whereby most of the workers now are enjoying the fruits which the labor campaigns have managed to acquire. Unity is strength and through the unions, better conditions and terms are reached. Unions have worked tirelessly from time memorial for better working conditions of the employee.The benefits the employees are getting in their workplaces are just from the efforts made by the trade unions. Unions have campaigned for good working conditions whereby the organizations are providing safer working environments for their employees(Murillo, 2009). The unions have fought for working environments which are free from stress and mental illnesses. They should be protected by the managers and leaders from any hazardous incidences.

Conclusively, my final thoughts about unionization is that membership should not decline but instead should increase in high percentage. Unions are the best organizations to be supported by all the employees. We should not let them die but support them unless there are no jobs in the companies. Unions are very important as they offer legal services to the employees and advices. They link the employees with the employers through negotiations and campaigning for the benefit of the employees (Murillo, 2009). Unions should be respected as they fight against discrimination and equality within the working environment and outside the organization.


Murillo, M. V. (2009). Labor unions, partisan coalitions, and market reforms in Latin America. Cambridge University Press.