Part 2: Assignment

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The following is my job resume for the position of call center agent in the supply chain in the Coca-Cola Company(Dickhut, 2012).

Andrew Miller

XX Main Street, San Francisco, 73680 Texas Cell: 000-012-9464


I am hereby applying for the position of call agent in the supply chain in this company. My skills and knowledge about this company will help in solving the customers’ problems and addressing their issues in the required manner and according to the expectations of the company. I will also use my convincing power to convince our customers that our products are the best worldwide and this will help in retaining the old clients as well as inviting new ones.

Skills and Qualifications.


  • I have a 3 year experience as a call center agent in the supply chain.
  • I have an ability to make over 100 calls to customers in a day.
  • I have excellent skills in advertising as well as selling the company’s products to the clients through the provision of right and relevant information over the phone calls.
  • I have an excellent experience in receiving calls which are inbound from the customers.
  • I am able to listen and keep the grievances of the clients as well as noting them down in order to make a follow-up afterwards.
  • Ability to enter data in any software.
  • I am a quick learner when it comes to learning about the company’s services and products.
  • I am a very hardworking person
  • I have regularly received positive compliments and praises from the customers in this noble field.
  • Experience and Achievements.
  • I have intelligently handled customers’ claims and transferred the calls that I was not in a position to handle to the relevant people
  • I have been rated high by the company that rate all the call associates and I have been able to maintain that rating.
  • I have on regular basis received positive comments from the management and customers for good customer service.
  • In the year 2012, I was given an award as the best call agent in the department of supply.
  • I have been able to receive over 100 new customers in every month.
  • I have guided customers on the procedure of placing new orders and also addressed the serious issues raised by the clients.
  • Education.
  • I have an associate’s degree in Business and Commerce from the California Technical College.
  • I completed my High School Studies from a school known as Brackenridge in the year 2000.

Dickhut, H. (2012). The professional resume & job search guide (1st ed.). New York: Simon and Schuster.