BA 340 week 5 Discussion: Performance management systems

Performance management systems




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Global firm have really affected every business in today’s world whereby they have capability and capacity to carry out wide variety of business worldwide. On a global scale, multinational businesses are interested in the discussion of the law makers which does not put into consideration the management systems. Different cultures, traditions and also technology have impacted to management systems whereby different people view management performance differently. Various countries focus on the implementation of law makers without looking on the effects of this strategy to different culture. The issues of the place the employees work or live is not their concern according to law makers strategy. The workers are not even motivated whereby the employee’s efforts are not encouraged interfering with the interpersonal relationship of the workers. Cultures have affected businesses international whereby the managers should consider one’s religion or ethnicity in the working environment. This is because without considerations of different cultures, it may lead to cultural differences between different countries which may in turn lea to severe conflicts affecting management systems (Noe et al. 2006).

Conclusively, global nurture of the business have really greatly affected performance management systems. HR managers need to implement different adaptations in order to be able to overcome different challenges faced by the performance management systems. As the business operate globally, it is important for managers to be aware of the technical challenges which may affect the business negatively. Technology has improved and fastened the operations in management systems whereby monitoring, controlling and management of operations has become more efficient. Technology has simplified management and operations in businesses leading to effectiveness within an organization (Noe et al. 2006).


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