BA 340 week 7 Discussion: Where are unionizing efforts focused today

Where are unionizing efforts focused today?




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The unions are focused on the services provided for the employees in workplaces. The unionizing efforts concentrate mainly on the union-organizing processes whereby it starts with the completing of the authorization card. If more members show interests in registering in the unions and ready to have authorization card, then the elections can be held. The unions also showed concern on the hospitality fields whereby the voice and the efforts of the employees are protected. Unions have helped in ensuring that the workers have got permanent jobs which have competitive wages in today’s market. The unions have also ensured that the workplaces provide conducive environment for the employees. The employees should work without being threatened by the employers, the managers or other employees. The unions are created to protect the employees welfare and ensure that they are not misused by the employers. For instance, for the permanent employees, there hours may be reduced and then assigned to temporary workers leading to their wages being reduced. This calls for the voice of the unions to represent their interests to the employer (Milkman & Voss, 2012).

Conclusively, I agree with unions because they have ensured that the working conditions have been changed to better working places. I agree with the unions because they have fought for the rights of the employees. Despite the fall in the union’s membership, I still stand with unions as they strain for the employee’s prosperity and good wages for their efforts. The unions have great negotiating powers for the employee’s benefits, interests and need. Unions are able to do good, strong and effective things for the employees as they act as the representatives of the employees in the organization. They are able to present the employee’s view to the employers about the job and other opportunities because the employer and employees view employment in different perspectives (Milkman & Voss, 2012).


Milkman, R., & Voss, K. (2012). Rebuilding labor: Organizing and organizers in the new union movement. Cornell University Press.