BA 340 Week 8 Discussion: Review and reflection

Review and reflection




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The whole course was effective whereby everything was well understood. HRM is a nice course which impacts to every activity in day to day life.The course has influenced much into our lives and we are thankful. The focus of today’s unions is on the welfare of the employees. Unions are out to fight for good working conditions of the employees and their health.Unions are mostly focused on the hospitality field of the employees. They protect the voice and the rights of the employees from the managers. They represent the employee’s interest to the employers and ensure that there is better negotiation (Radcliff, 2011). The wages and working hours of the employees are considered and protected by the labor unions. Workers need a better treatment in their working conditions now than ever because they play a big role in the organization.Their interests and voices need to be listened to whereby the unions were formed in order to protect and represent in the negotiations with the employers.

Conclusively, I agree with the unions because they have done great and important work to the employees. Unions have fought for the better working positions of the employees and provided regulations which the employers must follow in employment process. Unions have been there since the year 1960 to make the working environment the best for the employees and negotiate for the wages. The benefits being enjoyed today by the workers are from the efforts made by the unions since they started being created. Unions should be supported by all the workers both private and public companies as they struggle to keep the in better situations. The concept to apply in my working situation is working and thinking as a team. Teamwork leads to great achievements as different people have got different ideas and when brought together builds strong decisions leading to success in an organization. Thinking like an employee or an individual contributes to limited success (Radcliff, 2011).


Radcliff, B. (2011). Organized labor and electoral participation in American national elections. Journal of labor research, 22(2), 405.