BA 420 week 1 Discussion: Organizational cognitive neuroscience

Organizational cognitive neuroscience




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Organizational cognitive neuroscience is the study of neuroscientific whereby it explains how the mind and organization are related. Organizational behavior and how the mind impacts within the organization. Our brains are the key drivers in any organization as all the processes are processed in the brain. Our minds are able to solve different types of challenges faced by organizations. Managers face different stressful challenges which need training, knowledge and skills. These challenges are therefore, solved by our brain of the skills obtained from the field. Mind and organizational activities require shift of ideas whereby different ideas can be applied in various occasions to bring change within the organization (Panksepp, 2004). Communication of ideas in an organization is done by thebasal ganglia which require a lot of attention from the managers. Human brains have the ability to detect errors in an organization which may hinder changes occurring in an organization. Organizational behavior is very important in an organization as it determines the success or failure of the organization.for example, The managers use cognitive neuroscience in order to make their employees employ the knowledge they have in the organization.Employees may have hidden capabilities, it is therefore, the responsibility of the managers to detect these hidden capabilities and be able to exploit them for the organizational benefits.

Conclusively, personal centered approach may provide different solutions for challenges facing the organization. This personal centered approach is reached from the cognitive neuroscience study (Panksepp, 2004). For instance, Self-actualization is also done by the brain concerning the organization whereby one makes the decision of either to quit the job or to retain the job. The mind also brings in an organization behavioral perspective whereby it is the work of the brain to control everything happening within the organization.


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