Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior






Diversity Awareness

Prior to the assessment, I had a good overview on diversity awareness, in relation to organizational behavior. These include the definition of diversity awareness and the importance of diversity awareness among employees in any business organization and methods of improving diversity awareness as a skill among employees in an organization. Taking this survey however, enabled me understand the topic better as it was a revelation to several aspects that directly link diversity awareness to employees in the work environment.It enabled me learn that diversity skills extend beyond mere tolerance to involve exploration of individual differences, respecting them and nurturing a healthy relationship despite the differences. The questions in the assessment were appropriate to the topic of diversity awareness.

After taking the survey, I feel that the management of diversity is important in fostering a harmonious work environment where mutual respect and equity exist, protecting workforce diversity, which is essential for smooth functioning of any business organization. Under the topic of diversity awareness, it is important to appreciate the existence of diversity and individual differences. I did not find anything that was not as important under this topic. After taking the survey on this topic, I learnt that I live and work in a diverse environment and that I can work in a diverse workforce. In my opinion, the assessment exhaustively covered the topic of diversity awareness and therefore leaves very little to alter or improve. This assessment reveals that I am able to fully explore individual differences and respect them, and this makes me able to work in a diverse workforce.

Global Readiness Index

Prior to taking this survey, my knowledge on global readiness index, was largely from what I read in books, without direct relation to a busy work environment. This assessment helps me understand the topic of global readiness better in that, it sheds light on the knowledge on working in a global work environment. Taking this survey enabled me to learn that for one to be in a position to work in a global work environment, they must have knowledge on other countries and the various political, government and economic systems in the world. In addition, I found out the need for flexibility in terms of behavior and lifestyle in order to adjust according to the new environment in terms of the global work environment. The questions were appropriate to the topic since they all touched on aspects relevant to a global work environment. After taking this survey, I feel that global readiness is important and that any member of an organization must be ready to work in a global environment.I learnt the need to work on my knowledge about the global work environment, especially countries, their governments, political and economic systems. I would not have much to improve about this assessment as I find it exhaustive. This assessment reveals that I am able to work in a diverse workforce as evidenced by the high score I attained in the survey.


Prior to the assessment, my knowledge on assertiveness in relation to organizational behavior was rather superficial. After taking the survey, I understood the importance of assertiveness in a business organization, as a social skill, and the role of assertiveness in the relationship between the employer and the employee. This assessment enables me to understand the topic of assertiveness better in that I can appreciate various aspects of assertiveness and its relevance in an actual business environment. The questions in the survey were appropriate to the topic of assertiveness. I feel that assertiveness is a key aspect in the management of diversity, and that it is important to attempt to achieve common ground despite diversity among the workforce. I learn that I need to improve my social skills so that I can improve my assertiveness and to enable me co-exist in a diverse work environment. I would include questions on social skills and communication in the survey on assertiveness, in order to engage an individual taking this survey. This assessment reveals that I may be able to work well in a diverse workforce, but I need to improve my social and communication skills in order to be assertive.


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