Personal Values Assessment

Personal Values Assessment






Personal Values Assessment

From the short survey on emotional intelligence, it is evident that this is an important aspect of an organization. Prior to taking the survey, my knowledge on emotional intelligence was broad, considering that the subject is common in literature. The survey however, complements my knowledge on emotional intelligence and helps me understand this topic better. The questions in the survey were appropriate to the subject of emotional intelligence. Considering emotional intelligence in the hiring process in an organization is essential as it ensures that there is a harmonious relationship between employees, and between clients and the employees in the organization.

I attained a good score on each question of this assessment and an excellent total score on this assessment. This is a good indication of my knowledge on emotional intelligence. There was very little on the other types of intelligence, directly related to emotional intelligence, as outlined in the theories of multiple intelligences. In my opinion, this is an important aspect of emotional intelligence. My areas of strength include my ability to incorporate my theoretical knowledge on emotional intelligence in the work environment. My opportunities for growth include expanding my knowledge and social skills at the workplace to enhance harmonious relationship in the workplace.

The survey dubbed ‘are you a cosmopolitan?’ is important to an individual in any organization, especially those that are global organizations in nature. A cosmopolitan person is one who feels at ease in a diverse population, in terms of religion, culture, language and country among others. The questions in the survey were relevant to the topic of being cosmopolitan, and this topic is relevant and important to an individual who works or intends to work in an organization. It is important that an employee in an organization is cosmopolitan because this means that they are able to work in a work environment with other members of the workforce who are different from them in various aspects. After this assessment, I appreciate the importance of being cosmopolitan, and the opportunities it brings.

I attained a good score on this assessment, in each question of the survey, and an overall excellent score. This is a good indication that I am a cosmopolitan person, and my ability to work in an environment with people from a different culture, religion, race and ethnicity among others. It also shows my flexibility in terms of adjusting to a new work environment. From this assessment, I learn that my strengths include being a cosmopolitan person, therefore being flexible in terms of physical location of a work environment. The opportunities evident from taking this survey is that being cosmopolitan enables me to attain jobs in the global work environment.

Work-life balance is a critical aspect in an organization when it comes to human resource. Having had scarce prior knowledge on work-life balance, this survey was resourceful on this topic. Work-life balance is essential and mainly involves individual employee effort. The organization comes in ensuring that employees get periodic off days, weeks or months annually. It is upon the employee to balance their personal lives including their lifestyle in terms of leisure, health, family and spirituality, with their work. Work –life balance is important since it has direct impact on the productivity of an employee in an organization. The questions in the survey were relevant to the topic and exhaustively covered the topic on work-life balance.

I attained a good score in each of the questions in the survey and a good total score on work-life balance and this shows my ability to appreciate the importance of work-life balance among employees in an organization. The strengths of having work-life balance is that there is increased productivity among employees, and a harmonious relationship between the employer and the employee. The opportunities for growth from having work-life balance include promotions and awards to the employee from an organization due to their good productivity.

In conclusion, personal values including emotional intelligence, being cosmopolitan and having work-life balance are essential among every employee. These values are important in ensuring the attainment of organizational goals and objectives.


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