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The short survey on terminal values is important to any member of a business organization. Terminal values are desirable goals in an organization and everyone works towards them, as end-states of existence. Prior to this short survey, I had some knowledge on terminal values and their importance. Taking this survey however improved my perspective on terminal values and enabled me to appreciate their importance. The questions in the survey are relevant to the topic of terminal values, and challenge an individual to think beyond the theoretical aspect of terminal values. The questions in the survey bring out clearly the difference between terminal values and other values, for instance instrumental values, both of which are part of Rokeach’s theory of values.

I attained a good score both for the individual questions in the survey and the overall score on completing the short survey. My areas of strength include my ability to correlate the topic of terminal values as expressed in literature and in theory to real life situations and possible scenarios in the actual work environment. My other strength was my ability to attain a good score in various questions in the survey, especially since the questions varied greatly, touching on different topics. My opportunities for growth include incorporating most of the terminal values in my goals, especially since the list of terminal values developed by Rokeach consists of eighteen values.

After taking the short survey on instrumental values, it is evident that it is important that an individual who works for any organization. Prior to taking this survey, I knew a lot about instrumental values, mainly because this is a key aspect of the business environment that can lead to excellent performance or the fall of a reputable organization. The questions in the survey were important and relevant to the topic on instrumental values. Instrumental values are preferred methods of behavior and consist primarily of personal characteristics and personality traits such as politeness, honesty and ambitiousness. It is important that every individual in a business organization embrace these values as they promote co-existence and promote loyalty among clients.

I attained an excellent score on the short survey on instrumental values, both on individual questions and on the overall score. My strengths from taking the survey include evidence on my ability to demonstrate instrumental values in the work place as indicated by the high score that I attained. My opportunities for growth include promoting a good work environment including reinforcement of instrumental values among juniors and colleagues in a work environment. As much as instrumental values may seem common knowledge, there is need for organizations to lay emphasis on these values.

The short survey on intuitive ability, in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects of organizational behavior. Intuitive ability or intuition is when an individual depends on gut feelings, basic observation and common sense. Prior to taking this survey, my knowledge on intuitive ability was quite good. Taking this short survey opened my mind to other aspects of intuitive ability that I did not know. After taking this survey, I appreciate the importance of intuition to an individual who works in any organization.

My score on this short survey was quite good. The score on individual questions was high, and so was the overall score. My strengths as evidenced from this survey include my knowledge on the practical aspect of intuitive ability, and my ability to apply my theoretical knowledge on intuitive ability in the work environment. My opportunities for growth include building my intuitive ability through incorporating intuition in my behavior at the workplace.

The short survey on cognitive style touches on important aspects of cognitive style on matters organizational behavior. Prior to taking this short survey, I had some knowledge on cognitive style. Cognitive styles are recognized as crucial determinants of organizational behavior that manifest themselves in individual workplace actions and organizational systems and processes. Taking this survey enabled me to appreciate the role of cognitive style in an organization, and its importance.

I attained a good score on the individual questions in the survey, and a good overall score. My strengths evident from taking the survey include my knowledge on cognitive styles and my ability to understand the concept of cognitive style in a work environment. My opportunities for growth include being able to discern cognitive styles employed by different individuals in the work environment, and to incorporate appropriate cognitive style depending on job description and work environment.


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