BA 420 week 4 discussion: The Puzzle of Motivation

The Puzzle of Motivation






The Puzzle of Motivation

The video titled ‘the Puzzle of Motivation’ by Dan Pink provides good information on modern techniques and methods to improve business organizations in this century. It enables stakeholders in the business environment to identify, understand and adjust to the current trends in the revolutionized business environment. This video is a revelation in terms of possible ways to improve an organization, and new methods to enhance creativity among employers and employees in an organization. It enables an individual to look beyond existing literature, the norm and the usual set of rules in the business environment. In my opinion, the tips provided by the speaker in this video are valuable, especially in the current century with the advancements in technology and the global market. It is important however, for a manager or a stakeholder to note that not everything works for every organization, and that it is important to make decisions and changes suitable to their organization.

The speaker mentions that financial incentive may not be the best for an organization that seeks results from their employees. From a professional point of view however, rewards of any kind, including financial or monetary, provide motivation to most, if not all individuals. For instance, promotion in the work place mostly comes with salary increment. This in itself, is motivation enough for a junior employee to be diligent and ensure excellent performance, with the hope that they one day get a salary increment that comes with a promotion. Literature on human resource indicates that rewarding employees annually enhances good performance and good returns for the organization (Champoux, 2016).

The speaker’s view on autonomy is another viewpoint that I disagree with from a professional point of view. Autonomy dictates or proposes that the employee works under no supervision. This may not work for all organizations. Supervision and management ensures quality of products and services, especially in organizations that deal with mass production of goods. Autonomy may not be a good thing in financial management and may lead to the downfall of an organization, whether small or reputable. In my professional opinion, autonomy in most organizations may lead to laziness as opposed to motivation.


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