BA 420 week 5 Discussion 1: Team Building

Team Building






Team Building

Team building exercises are a common activity in many business organizations in the current business environment. It is important to hold team-building exercises with the incorporation of various activities with an aim of meeting the goals of the organization. My former workplace was a business organization that deals with shipping of cargo from other countries, from online sellers and from state to another. This is a business organization that requires good communication, collaboration, cohesiveness and conflict resolution among employees in various departments.

One of the team building exercises conducted by the business organization in my former workplace involved taking a weekend off in one of the resorts within the state. The exercises included a short road trip to the resort. Staff used a sizable bus to travel to the resort, and this was the first point of interaction between staff, both junior and senior in the business organization. The activities for that day included canoeing, games such as a shrinking vessel, back-to-back drawing, salt and pepper, zombie escape, marshmallow spaghetti tower. These activities enhanced maximum interaction between individuals, some of them required collaboration among team members for them to win in the various games.

These activities lead to free interaction among all employees, including juniors and their supervisors. Every team consisted of individuals from all cadres in the business organization, enhancing maximum interaction, enabling them to learn each other’s strengths and business. These activities helped employees get to know each other better, increase their morale, motivation and productivity. In addition, they improve problem-solving skills among employees of all cadres in the organization.


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