BA 420 Week 8 Discussion: Professional Management

Professional Management


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Professional Management

Professionalizing management results in creation of acceptable qualifications to oversee behavior of employees, and recommend practices that suite the organization. It gives the management a sense of duty and responsibility because any member who does not live up to the set standards could be sanctioned. For instance, a medical practitioner losing her medical license. When professionalizing management, there must be a code of conduct that controls who becomes a member of the profession and appropriate behavior in the organization.

Sometimes employees in an organization may become unethical maybe because they want to satisfy their self-interests. As a result they deviate from the ethical path set by the organization. This unethical behavior encourages other employees to develop unethical behavior as well. Then it becomes an up-hill task to stop such unethical behavior in the organization. Such behavior can be stopped by educating employees about professionalism in the work environment (Kenschaft, 2008).

Professionalizing management strengthens communication both among employees and between the employers and their employees. Following appropriate behavior when performing their duties promote good inter-personal relations among the employees. Ethical codes are guidelines that all employees must follow in order for the organization to realize long term growth and profit. a way of enhancing such codes of conduct is through educating employees the importance of professionalism.

Professionalism is a crucial factor in boosting confidence and enhancing morale of employees. Motivating employees to follow the set ethics helps the organization achieve success. A fundamental aspect professionalizing management is alignment of values, goals and purpose among employees and the organization. The better the cooperation and alignment of organizational objectives, the better the improvement and motivation. Professionalizing encourages employees to deal with emerging challenges and then formulate management strategies.


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