BBA 4951 Unit III Journal

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BBA 4951 Unit III Journal

The growth in both size and power of social media and its influence in today’s society is immeasurable. In both good ways and in bad ways, social media has forever changed the way that we communicate and has found ways to connect both individuals and businesses alike by creating the most vast and expansive networks of users that we have ever seen. My experience shows that social media offers a great opportunity for companies and creates many ways to capitalize on the expansiveness of the entity. For almost any business these days, social media is no longer a want, but a necessity in creating a successful business. Social media offers company’s the opportunity to instantly connect with current and potential customers all over the world simultaneously. Additionally, social media offers a very open and public platform for customers to present concerns and ideas on products facilitating the ability for direct feedback. The internet is possibly the most widely used tool on the planet today and social media is a great way to reach a large number of internet users without having to connect with each individual person. As print and radio ads have declined over the years, social media has presented itself as a savior in the world of marketing and advertising. Advertising on Facebook alone affords companies the opportunity reach quite literally billions of people through one platform.

Though social media is an extremely powerful and influential tool, it is not without its threats. Just as it allows companies to reach users instantly, it is also a very large platform for customers to review and pose concerns of products, thus presenting the possibility for degraded product and business reputations. One bad product can spread rather quickly through the social media universe and put a very large stain on any reputation. My advice to any business looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented in using social media would be to ride the wave! Countless people use social media, multiple times every day across several different platforms. There is no better way to get a product out there to the world and to get people talking.

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