BBA 4951 Unit VIII Journal

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BBA 4951 Unit VIII Journal

If I were to choose one particular skill, lesson, concept, whatever you would like to call it, that I have picked up from this course that I believe will be useful in my current and future careers, it would be the importance of or ability to craft a mission and/or vision statement. Prior to this course, I viewed mission and vision statement much the same as I’m sure many other people in that they are just a cheesy or corny statement that someone made up, consisting of a bunch of big words that no one uses. However, after progressing through this course I have certainly realized the intent and purpose of these statements and how these statements can be very useful tools within any organization large or small. These simple (but sometimes still wordy) statements provide a foundation or basis on which an entire organization, no matter the department, job, or level of responsibility, can focus on and understand in order to meet the goals and expectations of the organization as a whole. They (should) provide a clear message to individuals inside and outside of the organization as to what the organization is, what is does, why it exists, and what it plans to be in the future.

As a member of the military, I may not be charged with crafting a mission statement for my entire branch, maybe not even my wing or group, but as a leader I may have the ability to craft a mission/vision for my section or maybe even my squadron, and the tools and understanding that I have gained from this course will help me in crafting an effective statement. I could use these skills to provide subordinates and coworkers with a reason for existing within our career field, while also setting the expectation for behavior, how we will get the job done, why we do it, and where it may take us in the future.

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