BCC 400 Organizational Information Systems Paper

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Organizational Information’s Systems Paper


Joey Onomo

Organizational Information’s Systems Paper

With the amount of information that flows through a business, it can get pretty disorganized fast if they don’t have the right kind of system in place. Businesses thrive on information and storing that information for future use can make the business run smoother and may be financially better for them also.

There are hundreds of campgrounds in New York State alone, and they have millions of visitors a year. Before computer systems, everything had to be written by hand. Files had to be deposited in a filing cabinet and then put in boxes with the date and year. These boxes would be placed in a storage building or a basement, and that is where they sit for years risking damage from moisture, rodents, and maybe a fire. The loss of such information could be very detrimental to the organization which could lead to loss of customers.

With technology today, organizations can store endless information to help keep better track of customer’s information. New York uses a system called Reserve America where people go on their website to make reservations for the campground of their choosing. With this system, all of the customer’s information is stored, and the customer never has to enter the information again. Not only does this system work for New York, but it also collaborates with any state parks in the United States that use this system for reservations.

Before Reserve America came into the picture, anybody that wanted to go camping had to call the campgrounds to make reservations, which would be hard sometimes because the phone lines would be tied up with millions of people trying to get through to make their reservation. Customers would become unhappy due to not being able to get through, or not getting their favorite campsite they get every year. With Reserve America, customers get to go online nine months before they want to go camping. This is not always beneficial to the consumer, but it does give the client a sense of relief knowing they have a reservation.

With this system, the state no longer has to store customer information in boxes for them to ruin my mother nature. The information of the client is already in the system when they come into the campground to check in. If any information has changed from the time they made the reservation, it can easily be changed and saved for future use. Customers are no longer standing in long lines waiting to be checked in because the information has to be found in the filing cabinet it was stored inn. A smooth flow of check-ins makes not only the employees working happy, but the customers even more satisfied because they are not there forever trying to check in. Customer satisfaction is a must when working with the public and their needs for camping.

There are always reports that have to be done when dealing with money. The state needs to be able to keep track of their profit in the campgrounds. There are reports for just about everything. The state has everything on the computer and is entered as the money is being exchanged from hand to hand. Every night, the reports print out when doing the daily close out. Before, employees would have to the right everything down and keep track of everything which would cause more errors. This system has cut out almost all mistakes and takes a quarter of the time to do it, which means more time in the campground to improve the grounds to customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the information system had a positive influence on the organization, while like many technological tools used today; information systems can have a high impact on business. Information systems were utilized by the organizations to receive data do many different things with it, be it calculate, record, compare, or more, to increase performance and productivity. With all this new technology to help improve how the campground runs have helped the state keep better track of the money being brought in, and getting more work done inside the campground. With technology always changing, there will always be more opportunities to improve the organization’s information systems.


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