Working With Juveniles – PowerPoint Presentation

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Working With Juveniles

Columbia Southern UniversityUnit 2 Powerpoint Presentation

Police Discretion

Discretion is the availability of a choice of options or actions one cantake in a situation.One person is not the same as another so sing discretion for different people but for the same crime, and why they committed the crime is critical when using discretion.Most decisions using discretions are split seconds decision and cannot be carefully thought out, or discussed.They usually occur on the beat or during a situation that requires a decision immediately. (Dempsey&Frost, 2013,p.73)


How Discretion is used?

By performing these actions:To arrestTo stop,question, and friskTo use deadly forceTo use physical forceTo write traffice summonsTo use certain enforcement tactics(harassment, warnings, and so on)To take a report on a crimeTo investigate a crime(Dempsey&Frost (2013), p.73)


Strenghts and Limitations of Discretion

The rules of a police department limit the discretion that a officer can apply.Being able to act on the spot but also thinking about restrictions that are there to protect the officers.A strenght is that the police officer will able to judge the situation themselves, and determine is needed to resolve it. (which can also be a limitation)


Community Policing

Youth based commnity policing began in 1996. The goal of the YBCP were to promote community information sharing strategies that support comprehensive, proactive partnership between, the youth, the community, and the policeIt also wanted to establish a locally based inner city group to identify and address juvenile crime, victimization, coummunity safety, and quality of community life


The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

This is the component of the U.S. Department f Justice responsible for advancing the practice of community policing by the nation’s state, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement agencies. (COPS, n.d. para.1)Community policing starts with building trust between the community and police officers.COPS has helped develp and implement community policing strategies and approaches for addressing locally defined juvenile crime, victimization, and quality of life issues.(Cops)


What’s Needed to Be Successful?

Police officers have to be able to talk to the youth on their level in order to de-escalate a situation and create trust between the officer and the child.Having knowledge on what will calm a juvenile down is very important.Taking classes that are not reequired to better under how to interact with the youth that you will dealing with.


Juvenile Gang Units

Juvenile gang units play an important role in keeping kids from getting into gangs and making a big mistake. Most gang units are responsible for assisting the police department with preventin, intervention, and suppression of Juvenile gangs in the a city.The Gand Resistance Education And Training program (GREAT) are for students from the 4th to 6th grade. The program assists the students in dealing with situations that can lead to gang involvement.



Dempsey, J. S. (2013) Police. Clifton Park, NY: DelmarCommunity Priented Policing Services. (n.d.) About. Retrieved from


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