BHR 3301 Unit 4 Journal

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Unit 4 Journal

When an employment offer is being presented, what are the key things you look for in accepting the position?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

With all the research online and reading the textbook, I have found some main points to look for when you are being presented a job offer by HR or a company employment officer. The things that are important are benefits, compensation, vacation time, incentive pay, other employee’s opinions on the company and management, and ask for everything in writing on the contract that had been discussed. When you are looking into a job, you need to see what the benefits are that you will receive and when you will start to receive them. Some companies must wait like 6 months, while others, like the Army, start instantly. Also, what do they cover, and will they provide benefits for your family, or just for you as the employee? The Army has a lot of benefits that are given, which is why the pay is not the highest. So, when looking at a job, finding out if the benefits offered and the pay are really work the job being presented. With that, the pay is important. You need the pay to cover everything that the benefits do not. You also need to make sure that you will be able to live comfortably in the area you are being hired in. You do not want to put your time and effort into a career and not be able to save money for your retirement. Living paycheck to paycheck is not ideal. Will there be any incentives by the company as far as pay? That is another thing to look into. The better you perform, the better the pay or does the company not offer that? Also, are they yearly bonuses and yearly salary increases? You need to ask these questions to make sure the job is worth your time and effort. Making sure you have ample opportunity for vacation is also important. Everyone needs a break from work occasionally. The Army offers 2.5 days a month. What does your job position offer if you accept? Everything needs to be in writing. People can say anything to have you accept a job, and then not keep their word. Especially if you sign a contract and those promises are not listed. Having everything in writing before accepting the job will make sure you get exactly what you are hired to do, and all the information discussed will be kept to word.

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