BHR 3565 Unit VIII Letter

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Unit VIII Letter

Columbia Southern University

Unit VIII Letter

John Q. Public

123 Long St.

Great Town, Texas

17 June, 2019

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Trump:

My name is John Q Public, and I am writing you in regards to the proposition of keeping minimum wage on a steady scheduled increase that is based directly on the increase of inflation. While I do not have a formal education in business, I do have what I consider to be a well-informed opinion. I feel that raising the minimum wage in relation to inflation makes sense, and also understand the value of keeping costs of lower level employees down. I also, understand the value of good managers and the importance to pay those willing to take time to learn and understand a business while putting forth an effort to lead.

In America, we all have an opportunity to succeed. That opportunity, however, is not guaranteed. I feel that in order to motivate people in a direction of success, there should be rewards to those who put forth the most effort. Any raises that push wages above what business owners can afford will ultimately hurt business owners large and small. Minimum wages are in place to ensure that lower-end positions are paid similarly and people in those positions are paid fairly. These lower-wage positions are not, however, intended to be career options for someone trying to support a family. Those that would say “I can’t live on this income” should be motivated to progress upwards in their careers. This will only happen if manager’s salaries are substantially above those unwilling to put forth extra effort. Managers should always be paid substantially more than those below them. Raising minimum wage in relation to inflation makes sense and does allow those employees willing to work two jobs, but unwilling to strive for a higher position, to make a living.

Keeping the minimum wage low is important. Any increases to the minimum wage that exceed inflation rates would only incentivize employees to remain in their lower-level positions and choose not to better themselves. Thank you for your time and your consideration of my position on this matter. Please contact me at MyEmail@internet.civ for any follow up needs or to set up an interview time.


John Q. Public


Cihon, P. & Castagnera, J. (2017). Employment and Labor Law. Ninth Edition. Boston, MA. Cengage.

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