Social Media and Online Collaboration Tools

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Social Media and Online Collaboration Tools



Introducing three online collaboration toolsGo over the advantages and disadvantages of eachChoose one that best fit our needsDiscuss why this is the best toolConclusion

What is Zoom?Zoom is a tool that allows video and web conferences, file sharing, and instant messaging.It is a good way to hold online meetings, video conferencing, webinars, and trainings.

What types of devices can be used?DesktopsMobile devicesAndroidIOSRoom systems


Features:Allows for unlimited meeting durations and sizesUp to 100 participantsAll web and video conferencing featuresUnlimited number of meetingsCan initiate a meeting from Skype for Business


14.99/month per host

What is WebEx?WebEx is a great tool when you need to rely heavily on meetingsIt is a good way to do sales presentations, demos, training, and staff meetings

What types of devices can be used?DesktopsMobile devices with AppAndroidIOSBlackberry


Features:HD Video & File SharingUnlimited meetings with 25 peopleScreen Sharing & Video CallsLive 24/7 SupportCall Ins & International Calls


29.99/month per user

What is Fuze Meeting?A tool that allows video conferencing and file sharingFuze meeting can even be scheduled through Microsoft Outlook

What types of devices can be used?DesktopMicrosoftMacMobile through AppAndroidIOS

Fuze Meeting

Features:HD Video & Audio ConferencingUsers can present animations, multimedia, and documentsAccessible through any device anywhereSchedule meetings through OutlookUnlimited meetings with 25 participantsScreen Sharing

Fuze Meeting

20.00/month per user



What is the best tool for us?

Fuze MeetingCost efficient for the tools we are gettingAdvantages outweigh the disadvantagesAbility to present documents, animations, and multimedia, while having access anywhere at anytime makes this the best choice

Figure 1. Fuze Meeting.


Each of these online collaboration tools are great choices with amazing benefits, but Fuze Meeting is going to be the one for us based on it’s featuresAfter seeing the advantages and disadvantages of each tool, we can see that Fuze is the best option for our companyMeetings will be more efficient and user friendly this way


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