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Business Assessment

Business process can be defined as an organized set of activities which are aimed at achieving one similar objective or goal. In a business, business processes are found in the organizational structure to help the business achieve its objectives. There are different business processes at Bling Shop which include management processes and manufacturing processes. Management process at Bling Shop is well organized whereby there are other essentials promoting the success of the leadership. There are well coordinated processes in management system for primary and support at the Bling Shop. Bling Shop has analyzed its current situation in order to make efficient move. Management process at Bling Shop is aimed at implementation of future whereby planning of the goals and objectives are mainly considered (Hammer, 2010).

Planning in business management is very important as it determines the selection of the best organizing strategy to be followed. In management process in Bling Shop, there is also defining of responsibilities among the staff. Training is also done in Bling Shop whereby new member are equipped with high skilled personnel for manmade goods and services. Reengineering of management processes is done at Bling Shop in order to improve the status of the business. Reengineering of management process is done at the end of every year to improve the productive and look on the sensitive matters that have aroused within the business. It is also important for reengineering in Bling Shop as the cost of items is reduced to meet the needs of every client (Hammer, 2010).

Manufacturing is also another process that takes place at Bling Shop. Reengineering of manufacturing process is done on the production of goods and services at Bling Shop. The strategies used at Bling Shop are linked with their operating activities so that the products are of good quality. Reengineering of manufacturing processes at Bling Shop is always true to the title. There is much improvement of the designing and operating systems for improving the productivity of the company. There is analysis of the business workflow which allows Bling Shop to have better and quality products. During manufacturing process at Bling Shop, there is product assembly whereby shoes and other accessories are inspected (Fisher, 2006).

In addition, there is quality assurance process where the good are checked whether they fit in the target market or they do not fit. After assurance process, there is also maintenance process where the shoes and other accessories are designed for quality production. There is operational Excellency at Bling Shop focusing on meeting fully the needs of the clients and being the best at quality shoes production in the target market. They have better understanding of the goods and services needed by the client whereby they make their commitment to fulfill the needs. Manufacturing process is very sensitive part at Bling Shop as they have a target market for girls and babies therefore production of goods and services is restricted (Scheer & Nüttgens, 2009).

In conclusion, management at Bling Shop is very crucial whereby all the leaders have worked hand in hand to make the shop the best in the market. The leaders apply variety of designs in order to cater for the dynamic changes in the market. They have also high engineered structures for the improvement of the business. High skilled personnel and advanced technology have been applied by the managerial system for more efficient yields.

Competitive Advantage

Bling shop is one of the best shops offering jewelry for stylish offering high quality services and products to the customers. Bling shop has timely delivery and is also able to make any design desirable for their customers. Bling shop is able to offer any accessory needed according to customers age, style and also his or her budget. You can shop anytime at bling shop as it is available online whereby goods and services can be delivered at your place after you shop. Bling shop is committed in fulfilling the customers’ needs concerned with babies and girls whereby the products are of high quality. They are able to offer high quality jewelry, affordable accessories and gifts according to the occasion. Services and products prices at bling shop are subjected to change to cater for every customer’s purchasing power (Jewell, 2012).

Bling shop has a strategic plan which must be followed to make their business the best place to be. The shop has excellence management which focuses on the welfare of the customers, about the people around the business and also about the business. Leadership in bling shop is well organized with variety of essential which help in management. The management always ensures that there is success in the business and every customer’s need is attended to. In addition, bling shop has strategic cost reduction on their products and services. This is because they make decisions using decision making guide to make their prices affordable to their customers. The changes which might occur in the business are also implemented in bling shop. Ideas from the customers are listened to and potential solutions are made for complains (Snyder, 2009).

Bling shop is committed to provide the best services to the customers with timely delivery according to clients’ requirements. Bling shop’s objective is to make quality products to cater for their clients demands. They are determined to offer special and quality products to customers with affordable prices. They also ensure that they provide shoes and accessories of any design according to the client’s requirements. They have a goal to be the best of all the shops offering the same products. This is achieved through high quality personnel applied in making the products. They have a vision to become the preferred choice of their customers and attract other investors through their services (Ko, 2006).

Bling shop applies cost leadership strategy in order to target their customers. This is done in order to cater for the needs of their customers according to their efforts. They provide services and goods at lower prices in the target market. Differentiation strategy is also used mode at bling shop as they sell goods and services which are different from other shops in order to compete successfully. Bling shop has unique products which are handmade which high skilled personnel compared to other products. The shop produces variety of shoes and accessories of large volumes to cater for the demand in the market. In addition, focus strategy is also used in bling shop as they are interested in providing shoes and accessories for both girls and babies (Snyder, 2009).

In conclusion, these strategies are applicable in this shop because they give a competitive advantage to bling shop. They also cater for the consumers’ needs whereby every customer can afford their products. They have target market in which bling shop put their focus in. they focus on meeting the demands available in the target market.

Customer Portion at Bling Shop

Customer satisfaction is very sensitive portion in any organization. In business world today customers should be taken as the bosses of the business. They have a very important impact to the business whereby the success of your business depends on how you handle your customers. Customer culture should be well known by the employees so that they can treat and meet all the requirements of the customers (Katzenbach & Smith, 2010). At bling shop, they have created customer vision whereby the employees understand it well in order to meet the organizational goal. They provide the best customer service to the entire customer since they also train their employees on how to manage customer service vision. Bling shop employees are able to access the customers’ demands and their need which in turn helps them to target them efficiently.

Bling shop have a target market whereby they only concentrate and focus on meeting the needs of their target market. For the strong customer service, bling shop is able to hire only the right employees who got the skills and knowledge of handling their customers. They follow their set goal which is being the best in the market and providing quality services to their customers. They are also able to reward the best services offered by the employees to the customers. Bling shop has increased customer satisfaction through building loyalty to them and timely delivery of their goods and services. They have also a technique of keeping their customers happy by tapping into social media and monitoring the best ways to improve their relationship on meeting the demands (Katzenbach & Smith, 2010).

Market segmentation is important at ensuring that the target groups have been reached. It helps to form or create the right target groups at bling shop. At bling shop services have been divided according to age and type of the services to the customers. This has helped them meet every need of the customer efficiently. Bling shop has an age target market whereby the shoes are made for young ones and the jewelries are made for all people. They sell handmade shoes and clothes for young people whereby they make the best at affordable price. In addition, they also have gender specific target market whereby they mostly target of the female gender through provision of jewelries for girls (Kaplan & Norton, 2009).

Bling shop use advanced technology whereby they order goods and services online and response is done immediately. They shop online and goods are delivered into their destination by the employees. Those without access to online services make orders through making calls or sending message to employees and goods are thereby delivered immediately to them. The client gives the description of the desired product, the amount of the product, the delivery address and may also include his or her own email to ensure safety of the product. On the other hand, customer issues are very sensitive on handling. No matter how good your business is there must be customers’ issue which should be handled effectively. At bling shop, complaints are solved immediately as they occur. The employees always remain calm to customer’s complaints and make all efforts to make the customers feel comfortable (Schneider & Bowen, 2006).

In conclusion, bling shop always trains their employees on how to handle the complaints from the customers. They have a strategic plan on solving issues from the customers whereby they keep all the records of the complaint until the solution is reached. They ensure that the customers are contented with the solution and conclusion made for them.

Data Section at Bling Shop

Data section is an important stage at any organization as it assists during development, implementation and all the processes at bling shop. In strategic planning, data management should be taken great care as it provides quality planning of long term goals. Data section provides the reports on the flow and the move of an organization. Data section at bling shop has got many important meaning because it guides what should be done within the shop. Data management at strategic planning consists of data collection and analysis of what have been collected from the field. At bling shop, the managers use variety of sources to gain data which in turn helps to keep changing the designs according to customers need (Stadler, et al. 2012).They have an access to information provided in the internet, newspapers and also from other competitive shops. They also listen to their customers in order to correct any complain and make more interventions.

Data found at bling shop can be found in any form whereby there is soft data stored in electronic devices while it can also be found at hard copies. Hard copies provide our customers with overview of the kind of jewelry found at the shop. It also provides information about the sales and the effectiveness of our accessories to them. The customers are also allowed to browse or log in to our web page where there is also information about our bling shop. There is also privacy on the information which should only be accessed by the leaders. Any unauthorized disclosure of the private information may lead to serious consequences. Data warehouse at bling shop focuses on the sales and making the customers comfortable with our services. The data provided at bling shop can be accesses only when needed. There is also information provided in the books for customers with questions and other services (Yada & Ohno, 2006).

Data mining tools are used at bling shop in order to predict for future trends of the business. The results from the data mining tools is useful at bling shop as it helps improve our services to the customers making our goods and services the best in the market. We use different data mining tools to provide the best information needed for our shop. We keenly review the results from data mining tools in order to improve our manufacturing services. We evaluate our business situation and make correction on the processes whereby the data mining tools acts as a direction for productive outcomes. Managers use advanced technology to capture data and make analysis from it. They seek data on models and new design which are then trained to the employees to improve our manmade accessories. At bling shop there are also backups used for data security. In case there is interference of the organizations data there is software installed for data security (Johnston, Lafferty & Petsan, 2012).

In conclusion, accounting clerk should have 5 years or more of experience on accounting techniques. She or he should have skills and knowledge on how to handle different accounting information. Senior manager should supervise and ensure the running of the company is well organized. Therefore accounting clerk should have more secured data security for accounting compared to the senior manager. Accounting is very sensitive process in any organization and unless is well secured things may fail in the organization. Accounting clerk must be keen on the accounting processes to avoid confusion and ensure that everything is orderly.

IT Support of Strategic Planning

Policy is a well set system of principles which govern a company or institution by guiding the decisions made in order to achieve the set goals. Email police are used to set out the responsibilities of every employee in the organization. Employees are allowed to use email only when email use adds a positive impact to the company’s goals and objectives. The use of emails should not risk the company’s businesses. Employees should not misuse the internet whereby they may create risks. They should also adhere to the rules set to govern the company’s businesses. Emails should only be accessed when the responsibilities have being passed from the authority and care should be taken. Policy clauses are made to protect confidential information or secrets from being linked to other people (Pearce, Robinson & Subramanian, 2009).

Emails and internet use will only be permitted during the company’s business. Any other business should not take place by the use of company’s email which may lead to negative impacts. Every employee has signed to compensate for any loss she or he may cause in the emails and internet. Technology has made things easier whereby the employer can be able to monitor the employees by the use of telephone or use of internet. Employees may be allowed to sign in for work by use of internet and sign out after the working hours are over. Use of telephone monitoring is applicable in our company to ensure that the employees have good conduct to our customers (Bryson, 2011).

Disclosing of the company’s information is prohibited whereby the employees are monitored and action is taken to any employee who disobeys this policy. Intellectual property policy is designed to protect the company’s secrets or the employees’ knowledge. It may also protect import or export of goods and services from or to the company. Procedures are therefore set in the company to access information and goods and must be followed. Every employee has knowledge about what we need in the company and should be highly protected. Employees have agreed to pay back any damages they cause and signed for reduction of some money from their salary. There is no recording of information or taking of photos within the organization which should be adhered to (Pearce, Robinson & Subramanian, 2009).

To be able to protect intellectual property in your company you need to know what you need first and patent things which are important to other people. Get knowledge on the intellectual property whereby it will reduce cost by carrying out research on your own. You should work from different geographical areas in order to have different specialization. Ensure that all your documents including licenses protect your intellectual property. Companies are prone to threats which should be solved with care. Threats may include complaints from the customers or can also be poor handling of information which may lead to loss of important data. All threats have steps on how to handle them (Bryson, 2011).

In conclusion, in order to solve the customer’s complaints you should listen and understand the complaint. Create bond between the customers and the company by empathizing with them. Provide and execute the solution to the customer’s complaints. Make clear follow-up to ensure that the customers are satisfied with your solution.

Network and Hardware Portion at Bling Shop

For a company to thrive there must be networking system for communication and storage of the information. It does not matter how long it will take for the installation of the network system but it is important for every company to have them. At bling shop there is huge network access which is well designed for connecting the services offered to the customers and the management system. In addition, the managers at bling shop are planning on how to upgrade the network system in the organization to reach various places and people. There is well organized hardware I designed for specific tasks in the organization. Determining network offers information for general knowledge needed at bling shop. There is a set ipv6 support system which is designed for planning and accessing different points to get information (Hunt et al. 2007).

Hardware system is designed at bling shop according to the number of hosts and members using the information. At bling shop we use token rings in order to provide the media with the information. The hardware is made to serve large number of people and has variety of topology. There are personal digital assistants which are used in the organization for communication and sharing of information. Laptops are also mainly used to connect different managers of the organization. Compatibility is the most important thing which bling shop seeks to accomplish. Data lose is prone to hardware failure which most of the time is caused by human errors. Every organization should be keen on the hardware handling to avoid extreme damages which may in turn lead to data loss (Park, 2004).

Hardware failure is challenge which should be expected in any company and therefore there is need for disaster recovery methods. There are other methods adopted at bling shop in management of information in case of hardware failure. There is restriction on the hardware use whereby only the managers are allowed to use the hardware. There is also a backup of the information in case of data loss. Employees and other staffs have access of information by use of their own gadgets whereby they can share the information to other members. The organization manager at bling shop has also locked down the main hardware to avoid or limit the access of many individuals to the data. This has really helped to keep data in safer conditions at bling shop (Hunt et al. 2007).

Bling shop has had the top security control system in order to keep this section up to date. The managers and workers at bling shop have high skills and well understanding on how to keep the hardware and network system in position without utterances. They also use firewall to protect other networks from interfering with their network system. This system is capable for providing protection of the hardware and other network systems within the organization from outside attacks. There are also designed policies which must be followed in the organization to make the organization run smoothly in achieving the goals and set objectives. Network policy is set to provide instructions on how the network is used and the limits (Park, 2004).

In conclusion, every organization should have specific security in order to keep information safe. This can also limit data losses and mismanagement of the network systems. There should managers who are supposed to take care of the network and hardware in an organization. They should ensure that every set policy is followed to maximum to produce quality results in the organization (Nolte, 2006).

Bling shop strategic plan

There are technology recovery plans at bling shops whereby disaster recovery plans are designed for every department in the organization. To the side of people involved in the organization, there is much training of the staffs whereby there must be a backup person within the organization. There is security of all the documents and available information and there are alternatives for other working sites. Technology is highly used in the organization for data security and location of facilities for manufacturing and transportation services. Technology is also used in storage of information for the organization whereby there is a system which is secured as a backup for other machines (Formica & Kothari, 2008)

  1. Bling shop has a vision of being the best shop in the market offering girls and kids wear.
  2. Bling shop is committed to be the best shop serving its customers with quality services and taking the responsibility of proving full support of the girls and kids.
  3. The shop has a funding resource from kid’s assistive technology which helps bling shop meet their demands at the market (Latham, 2009).
  4. There is caring responsibility at bling shop whereby every employee is committed at making the clients happy from their services.
  5. Respect, integrity and other values are exercised at bling shop
  6. There are also underlying service assumptions in which the shop works tirelessly to solve any problem that may arise from their customers (Formica & Kothari, 2008)
  7. Customers are important people at bling shop in that their needs must be met first in order for the business to succeed.
  8. Bling shop has strength of proving quality services and to ensuring that the client’s demands are met fully.
  9. Much innovation is done where a challenge may incur.
  10. Bling shop is out to maximize any opportunity that comes its way in satisfying client’s needs (Latham, 2009).
  11. Bling shop is focused to follow its strategic direction to achieve the organizational goal.
  12. Bling shop has a goal and objective to become the best in the market by utilizing the available resources in a shorter period of time.

The critical system at bling shop includes payable accounts, the building security and also the manufacturing process. Threats to these critical systems may include lack of manufacturing systems, failure or delayed payments and destruction of the security systems which may lead to theft. Replacement of the accounts may take place immediately as the threats have occurred because the organization has secured people. In case of manufacturing systems, there is recovery on the fixation of the primary systems and close all the opportunities leading to breakdown of the system. There is also a replacement unit in the side of security at bling shop whereby the suppliers must be contacted immediately to access the cause of insecurity.

In conclusion, bling shop continuity plan is very important as it provides direction in response of the planning strategy. It shows how the organization will run and the expected returns in the time allocated. There is more training of both the staffs and other new members to keep the organizations business active (Blaszczynski, Ladouceur & Shaffer, 2004)

 Executive Summary

The strategic plan at bling shop includes all the plans directed at meeting the goals of the organization. There is disaster recovery plan on the strategic planning which is responsible for all the risks within and out of the organization. There is also a portion on data collection methods and how data analysis will be done. The plan has included only the major methods of data collection. Data security is an important part in the strategic plan at bling shop and is also included in the strategic plan. Network and hardware portion are useful at bling shop whereby the information is stored and retrieved any time of need. There is an implementation of well-designed network system which helps to access information for the organization (Shaw et al. 2006).

The strategic plan includes all the sources and materials used for data storage and all the backups if anything happens which lead to data may loss. The strategic plan at bling shop also includes a portion of customer satisfaction. Customers are the most important elements of any business as they determine its success or failure of the business. Good relationship should therefore be created between the customer and the employees to create smooth running of the business. Bling shop has got a target market which enables them to work tirelessly to make the clients satisfied with their handmade products.

In conclusion, strategic plan is very important in an organization because it guides every activity in the organization. Strategic plan also gives direction and steps to be followed in the management of the business. Every organization should have well organized plan in order to aid in making fruitful and successful business (Shaw ET all. 2006).


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