BOS 3525 Unit VIII Assessment

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Course BOS 3525-15E-9, Legal Aspects of Safety and Health
Test Unit VIII Assessment
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Question 1

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  Describe the role that Challenge Administrators play in the OSHA Challenge voluntary cooperative program. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.      
  Selected Answer: The roles that Challenge Administrators play in the OSHA Challenge Voluntary Cooperative Program is by them working with the employer to get set up to be successful in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace by training and mentoring and keeping tabs on the progress that the participant is making. This is extremely important that management, labor (staff) and the highly educated challenge administrators all work together in achieving the goal of having a safe working environment. When the participant is ready to see if they qualify for the program they would just fill out an application and submit all the required documents.              This program is put together for the participants using a detailed step by step process that the challenge administrators will develop and put together. They will then walk through the carefully planned steps with the participants. This give great opportunity for the employer to follow it and not be wondering what to expect next. This is great because it will help keep everyone on track to meeting the goal deadline. It will also allow the participant to continue to pursue meeting the VPP STAR status which comes with a great amount of benefits to the employer and employees. Correct Answer: [None] Response Feedback: Camden,You are essentially correct.  The OSHA “Challenge” program is really a part of the OSHA VPP.  Challenge Administrators assist sites in developing comprehensive S&H management programs that are consistent with VPP.  The Challenge program is intended to steer site toward applying for VPP.  The Unit VIII Lesson was really not clear on this.      

Question 2

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  Provide your opinion as to which OSHA voluntary cooperative program would be the most beneficial to a small business that prints business cards and letterhead. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.      
  Selected Answer:              All the programs are great ones but in my personal opinion I think the best program for a small business that does business cards and letterheads would be the Voluntary Protective Program. Although it might not seem like a lot of hazards there is actually a quite a bit involved to include ergonomics, machines, moving parts that have pinch points and more. So it would be in the best interest for the employer to fill out an application. By taking this step it will allow for all of management and all of the laborers (staff), and for OSHA to get together and discuss all of the current issues at hand, then they can all collectively come up with a solid plan ensure a safe working environment. There are many benefits to an employer by participating in this program. They will develop an increase in focus on their worker’s safety, get the labor’s more involved with keeping the environment safe, develop a strong safety and health procedures policy. This program has also proven to reduce the amount of lost days by workers via workers’ compensation. Another great benefit to those participants who successfully complete the program will be exempt from programmed inspections.  Correct Answer: [None] Response Feedback: You make some good points.  There is really no incorrect answer here, because any of OSHA’s cooperative programs would be beneficial.  However, the SHARP program is designed for small businesses (250 or fewer at the site and 500 or fewer company-wide).  The SHARP program is run by the OSHA-funded State Consultation programs.  A State S&H consultant will visit the site and conduct a free consultation visit.  The only caveat is that the company must agree to correct any safety or health hazards found during the audit.      

Question 3

25 out of 25 points

  Summarize the procedures required to achieve Star status under OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Your response should be at least 200 words in length.      
  Selected Answer: In order for an employer to achieve STAR status they must first commit themselves to the challenge of the voluntary protection programs. Those who go through these programs have some of the greatest health and safety programs out there. It can be a real challenge but yet it will also be and even greater reward. Once the participant has submitted their application and it has been reviewed they will be contacted and a decision whether or not they will continue to move forward. If the participant is fortunate enough to be selected to continue with the voluntary protection program someone will come out and do a walkthrough then put a detailed step by step plan together. It will take a large commitment from the everyone involved to make sure the sites protective system is working. Once the process begins OSHA will follow up with thorough on site investigation and will review the sties, injury and illness rates and expect nothing but continuous improvements. To reach the STAR goal the participant must show exemplary safety and health status quos. These participants that end u in the STAR status demonstrate that their injuries and illnesses are well below the national averages compared to other businesses in the same working industry. They are then reevaluated every three to five years however they are not exempt from annual incident rate reviews. Correct Answer: [None] Response Feedback: Good essay.  VPP Star sites must have comprehensive safety and health management programs that include four elements: 1) Management commitment and employee involvement; 2) Worksite analysis; 3) Hazard prevention and control; 4) and Safety and health training.  Star sites must also maintain injury/illness rates below their industry average.      

Question 4

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  Discuss the benefits that OSHA alliances provide to employers and workers in general industry. Your response should be at least 200 words in length.      
  Selected Answer:           The OSHA Alliance program was created to promote dialogue between employers, union, and professional organizations on workplace safety awareness. The Alliance program is a voluntarily signed agreement between OSHA and organizations promoting workplace safety. This allows participants to work closely with OSHA to help in the prevention of illness, injuries, and fatalities in the workplace. Employees can openly discuss their safety concerns from personal experience providing insight to corporate leaders           There are a great number of benefits which include training and education with a proven delivery method. This enables participants to deliver a professional safety program to their employees. Advanced training offered by the Alliance Program assists companies in reducing costs for medical, wages, and production loses for safety related injuries.           With the collaboration of the participants and OSHA working together, methods, discussions, and new ideas are continually developing. This allows for advanced and up to date training. In addition the alliance program helps raise awareness about the workers and employers rights and responsibilities          Finally the Alliance encourages future worker participation in keeping a safe and healthy workplace. The program allows for the employers and employees to work together in resolving workplace issues that may not have been addressed before. Correct Answer: [None] Response Feedback: You are correct.  An OSHA Alliance is simply another OSHA Cooperative program.  Alliances are partnership programs with private sector employers who provide proactive assistance (such as training) to help other employers come into compliance and reduce injury/illness rates.      

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