BOS 4201 Unit I Journal Reflection

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Unit I Journal Reflection


BOS 4201 Toxicology

Columbia Southern University

Unit I Journal Reflection

For this journal entry, I am being asked to identify and discuss an event that has been in the media within the last six months that involves a chemical adversely impacting the health of humans or the environment. What actions have been taken to reverse the impact? Additionally, has public opinion influenced how the situation has been addressed.

After reviewing what was tasked to accomplish, I searched for several different topics in the media that could be covered and numerous times I kept running across the topic that I eventual chose which was the Flint Michigan water issue. This issue actually developed back in March 22nd of 2012, when Genesee County announced the design of a new pipeline that would deliver water from Lake Huron to Flint Michigan saving the city millions by not having to utilize the Detroit water system. Two years later in April of 2014 the switch was made and within a few months’ reports of a high level of bacteria had been detected in the water and boiling was advised by city officials. Almost a year later in March 2015 the water was tested again and the EPA found higher than normal levels of lead in the water being delivered to residents. To mitigate the issue the city of Flint switch back to the Detroit City water system that they had previously been on. Over the last few years there has been improvement with this issue as the city has had crews inspect more than 20,000 service lines and replaced at a minimum 8,000 lead and galvanized pipes throughout Flint with plans to eventually replace all of them. Additionally, the state of Michigan has bolstered their water standards with new lead and copper rules and closely monitors the water system in Flint. The changes made to Michigan has made to their systems has made them the strictest water standard in the nation.

The attention that this issue received in the media had a positive impact on the current status Flint Michigan. Due to the highly publicized nature of this issue it forced government officials to take action sooner than traditionally seen. It has been over 5 years since this issue occurred and it is still talked about and discussed in the media today. Residents of Flint are still skeptical to drink the water due to government officials denying there was initially an issue. It will take years to repair not only the damage done but also the trust lost.

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