Charter: Individual Assignment

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Charter: Individual Assignment


Charter: Individual Assignment

Collaboration means many things, for school goers, in the business world, and in one’s personal life. At some point in time we all are involved in some form of collaboration. Collaboration, “the action of working with someone to produce or create something” (“collaboration,” 2017). In the world of education, collaboration means a gathering of individuals of a specific learning group working alongside each other to aid student’s classroom success (“Chapter 5: Collaboration”, n.d,). From a business standpoint, collaboration is defined along the same lines as education. Individuals communicate in real time through online meetings or by skype to meet a common business propose

In the minimal discussion Team C had, one could gathered that communication would be the most important thing to make collaboration work. While working together in this course as well as those in the future, communication will be needed to achieve the teams’ goals. One way to apply collaboration skills will be to keep the lines of communication with team members.


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