Start Up: Managing Sales Force

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Start Up: Managing Sales Force


Start Up: Managing Sales Force

In the past, businesses were maintained with logs, receipts, ledgers, and books. Enterprises today still have records, but the shift into the digital world has changed how business is handled. BG Enterprise is a cloud-based software that helps integrate different business processes like inventory, point of sales and accounting. Savvy entrepreneurs and business owners turn to BG Enterprises for their business application needs.

Service Features and Visual Aids

One feature that BG Enterprise provides is access to the inventory management. As soon as inventory arrives, it can be scanned into the system for accountability. The software then can learn trends every time the inventory is counted, and orders are fulfilled. Notifications can be sent when specific items are low. Having this information can be helpful at the POS as well since clerks can inform clients when items will be in stock. Replenishing stock is easier with the ability to track sales and inventory remotely.

Point of sales are equipped to take orders based on current promotions and inventory on hand. The POS will be equipped to customize or make several orders and separate them as well. In turn, receipts can be sent digitally or printed out. Customers will be amazed at how fast and easy the checkout process has become. Purchases will be automatically uploaded onto the company’s server where it can be categorized by the needs of the business. Orders are sent automatically to the fulfillment area, and the order will be automatically up when the client receives their order. At the same time, customer information is stored and can develop a client profile for future purchases.

Accounting tasks can be a major hassle to deal with even in a small business. Payroll will be more accessible than ever because BGE software can track hours worked, pay rates and tax rates for each employee. If the company runs on commission incentives, employee performance can also be monitored. BG Enterprise has an application that will separate accounts receivable and payable. Automation is helpful to assess when certain debts are owed, and income is to be received. The company can quickly put all transactions into ledgers for the fiscal year when financial reports are due.

As a business grows, staying organized is extremely important. Each of the services that BG Enterprise offers helps clients stay on top everyday activities by supporting the business procedures and data. The business’ clients will be able to gain real-time information on products. Accuracy will be improved since all the information can be found in one spot. Digitizing information helps the decision makers in the company share data. The cloud-based software gives users access to the company’s statistics from virtually anywhere. If certain events are happening that will affect sales; changes can be implemented instantly.

BG Enterprises has several options to help companies learn the software. Each sales team member will have a tablet with BGE demo software fully installed to demonstrate to clients. If the clients are interested, the BGE website has many tools that will walk the user through the software and programming. There are written step by step tutorials with photos that the user can print off if needed. If the user learns better by listening to instructions, there are videos for each application of the software system.

Selling Activities

There are few types of strategies sellers should apply to be successful. There are plenty of businesses that can benefit from a new ERP. The only way to know if a business needs a need system, if by asking. If the sales representative is prepared with full knowledge of the product and asking the potential client the right questions, BG Enterprises can be a solution for the company. The fundamental opening question will be, “how is your ERP software contributing to your sales.” At which point the representative will know how to approach the client with selling the software.

The sales representative will demonstrate how to facilitate different functions with the software. If the client is uncertain, enable the client to use a demo of the product and follow up within 48 hours. If the client wants to purchase the software, the representative will help set up the software. After setting up the software, mention the referral program which will help lower the software costs. Following up with the client on occasion will help maintain the relationship and remind them of the referral program.

Organizational Structure and Compensation

BG Enterprise is run by the owner in a functional structure. Each department has a manager which report to the owner and come together and work on keeping software and sales ideas current. The firm is split into branches consisting of human resources, IT, sales and marketing. The sales department will work closely to meet individual and team goals. Sales representatives will have an hourly pay of $10 per hour plus commission. The Commission will be on a sliding scale between 5-10%. The more services sold, the higher the commission would be. Sales teams will get additional bonuses if targets are met for the quarter.

Retail Manager and Management Tools

The retail managers have an essential job of building a sales team and providing support. Retail managers will train the sales teams on how to use the tablets and ERP. Retail managers are the first line supervisors that will step in if a sales representative is not meeting their goals or prepare materials. The retail manager also analyzes the information around representatives. Input measures will account the promotions, employees, and inventory. Output measures consider the revenue and profits. The input and output measures are compared to determine total productivity. Communication is vital to keep representatives focused on the job. “Nothing is more important to sales makers than knowing what is expected of them and when it is expected,” Rogers (2012).


BG Enterprises is a young company that provides several services to business owners. Staying current with business trends, software updates and provides the necessary support to help companies grow and optimize profits while keeping the team connected. Government regulations make day to day record keeping a tough task. BG Enterprises provides the resources and support needed for a fast and friendly matter.


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