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Majority of the new systems today are being developed with a focus on cloud-based applications. The internet can be used to deliver internal organizational systems, business to business systems, or business to consumer systems. The rapid migration to Internet-based systems should not be a surprise; as it is motivated by the desire to take advantage of the global computing infrastructure of the internet .

Just like any other type of system, Internet-based systems still need to follow a specific design criterion, there are numerous choices that must be made when designing internet applications. These design choices can greatly influence the ease of development and future maintainability of the system .

Internet System Software Technologies

Web technologies are heavily comprised of web browsers, programming languages, development frameworks, protocols, application programming interfaces (API), client and server-side applications. Each one plays a significant role in how web-based technologies can operate and communicate over the internet. The infrastructure currently supports HTML-based data changes that support widespread use of XML, JAVA, and JSON to name a few. As we continue to move beyond the desktop computer and standard web browsers, the greatest change and evolution of internet standards will be the need to support wireless mobile computing devices . Web-based technologies allow us to reach a lot of different types of computing devices. The need to create internet-based systems has grown exponentially.

Regardless of whether the device is a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop PC, the use of standards will drive internet-based system designs in the future. Web designed systems will isolate the content presentation from the business logic and data, allowing any internet-capable device to become a part of the overall distributed system .

Web Application Development Platforms

Enterprises nowadays require developers to build web applications that deliver optimal user experiences across a multitude of devices, platforms, and web browsers, in addition to meeting precise business requirements. The features, tools, and utilities provided by web application frameworks help developers to accelerate development processes and maintenance of custom web applications. developers can further leverage the web application development platforms to optimize the user’s experience by improving the websites with accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, and security .

The top application development platforms for modern web applications are ASP.NET Core, Java Server Pages (JSP), Laravel,, and Knack. All of these platforms have their strengths and weaknesses; which might force an internet systems developer to choose one technology over another technology. Developers today have many options to choose from several of the top web-based application development platforms. Let’s dive in and look at some of these web-based application development platforms.


This web application development platform is the product of Microsoft’s redesigned edition of ASP.NET. This version is an open sourced, cross-platform, lean and composable framework . This version comes with a set of tools and features designed to accelerate the development of custom web and cloud-based applications. Developers can run ASP.NET Core applications on three major operating systems – Linux, macOS and Windows. Developers also have the option to deploy web applications in the cloud or on-premise infrastructures. ASP.Net Core modular components provide programmers the aid they need to speed up web applications by reducing their overhead.

Java Server Pages (JSP)

This web application development platform is developed on top of Java’s EE v5. Developers can leverage JSP as a server-side web technology used to create dynamic and platform-independent content. Oracle has developed JSP with features to simplify and accelerate dynamic web content creation by allowing programmers access to a wide range of Java APIs. A cool feature of JSP is that it will allow any developer the option to embed Java code seamlessly in HTML-based code using JSP tags. These new JSP-based tags will even make it easier for programmers to accomplish web development tasks like retrieving data from databases or sharing information between pages/request and/or passing controls between web pages.

Laravel Web Application Framework

Presently, Laravel is considered the most preferred web framework for the scripting programing language PHP. This open sourced web framework does a great job of simplifying the development of large and complex web application problems by supporting model-view-controller (MVC) architectural patterns. Laravel makes it easier for developers to build custom web applications according to a varied business requirement . Laravel’s robust framework accelerates development time enabling programmers to perform common web development tasks using a command-line interface (CLI) utility called Artisan. With over 20 built-in libraries and modules, Laravel helps developers add functionality to websites with ease. There are a ton of great things about this framework.

Web Technologies bring value to Organizations

Web technologies have had a major impact on the modern workplace, revolutionizing the way businesses are conducted on the daily. Whatever industry you are operating in, web technologies can help your customers gain access to all of the information they need to successfully interact with your organization. These same technologies can also help staff perform their job duties more quickly and efficiently.

A major benefit is an increase in productivity, technology allows businesses to speed up production processes. Staff can use analytic tools that help improve processes or introduce new processes to make a system more efficient. Task management tools allow everyone to stay on top of their daily responsibilities, an email management process, for example; allows for all staff to stay on top of inboxes and ensures that everyone is communicating as efficiently as possible.

Web technologies help to improve flexibility, communicating with co-works has been transformed over the past 10-20 years. Numerous technological advancements have made their way into all of our lives. Web-based applications allow us to install software on our smartphones, tablets and other portable devices to stay connected with colleagues at any given time from any location, thus improving an organizations flexibility to deal with issues much more quickly. Welcome to the age of improved teamwork across multiple digital platforms, Whoohooo!

Everyone knows that any business cannot survive without their customers, so web technologies are improving how customers interact with a company to ensure that the needs of their customers are being met with full satisfaction. Interactive websites, online chat support services, and even 24/7 customer service social media outlets really help an organization stay connected to their customers. Thus, web technologies allow for improved customer services.


In conclusion, as our technologies and world continue to evolve, we can expect exponential growth in web-based applications and cloud computing, simply put there are just too many devices connecting to the internet that to pass up the opportunity to take full advantage of the global computer infrastructure known as the internet. The flexibility of being always being connected on multiple digital platforms is much more superior compared to the network infrastructures a decade ago. Due to this advantage, I suspect that more and more developers will move towards web-based applications as the new software development standard. There really is no longer a need to design software to only run on desktop PCs.

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