BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents

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BSBWRT401 Write Complex Documents

Assessment Task 1

Plan Report



The main purpose of this report is to identify and explain the possible options and recommendations that I gave to the manager of Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre. I will be analysing the performance and improvement options for the Moortown Centre and review all the options. I will also be creating for centre development and improvement.


The audience of this report will be primarily the manager of Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre. They will be the one that reads the report and gives his opinion and approval for the plan The report must target the objectives that the manager would find most efficient. A very important part of this is to ensure that the plan is cost-effective as the manager would not approve of spending a lot of money on unnecessary improvements.

This report must be very formal and official. The report must be edited and reviewed to ensure that there are no mistakes or errors in the report. The report must be structed and organised to allow the report to flow smoothly.


The message should be clear and understand. The message of the report should give a simple and detailed summary of the ideas and findings. The manager should understand the reasons why the recommendations were chosen and they are going to be achieved.

The message should be quite positive for the manager and give the manager feedback that will help the company improve. The manager should not be taking this feedback offensively as the feedback should be constructive and helpful.


The format will follow a strict format. The structure will be important as the report is quite long. There must be a contents page to guide the manager to navigate through the more important parts of the report first. Language and tone are obviously formal and official to ensure that the manager takes it seriously. When designing the report, the structure and lay out should be considered. The font must be readable and the size must be attractive. The overall design shoul be consistent throughout the report.



Possible opportunities

  • Manager of Moortown Sports and leisure centre
  • Needs recommendations
  • Research the case study findings
  • Create a report of recommendations and analysis
  • Formal and official
  • Will also affect the employees
  • Should be cost effective


  • Increase size and facilities
  • Get more residents to use the club
  • Reduce operating hours to save operating expenses
  • Implement monthly or yearly contracts to get more stable income
  • Promote more sports
  • Advertise more programs
  • Make time for the 5 more clubs
    • Increase full-time staff and reduce casual
    • Implement a booking system for the BBQ
    • Use more effective communication
    • Implement weekly staff meetings
    • Use an electronic booking system
    • Create a store just for purchasing goods

There are 4 strategies to improve the Moortown Sports and Leisure centre

There will also be some minor adjustments which will improve the centres performance and effectiveness.

  • Booking system
  • Attract more customers
  • Increase and improve facilities
  • Human resources management

Purpose of PAMS

The purpose of the PAMS analysis is to identify the needs of the report. Also it is important to get a better idea of what to research and what is needed to make the report the most successful.

Appropriate format

The most appropriate format would be a formal report format. This is because the report will be sent to the manager of the Moortown Sports and Leisure and therefore the report must be in a formal format.

Communication and tools

The main source of communications will be through meetings and conferences. The manager will have a meeting with me to discuss the plan more thoroughly and get the last few ideas out. There should be a PowerPoint presentation to give a more casual idea of the development plan. The report will be done with Microsoft word. Pens and paper will be avoided as most documents are electronically stored.

Overall Structure

As my plan has all the provided documents such as the PAMS analysis, brainstorming, mind map and overview, the overview of the structure and contents of the report is covered. Just looking at these analysis and documents, a basis of the report cab should be understood.

Main points and arguments

Organisational requirements

  • The moortown sports and leisure centre has a lot of areas which need improvement
  • It may take a lot of investment
  • New systems and process must be implemented
  • HR must be managed efficiently
  • Advertising and marketing are important


Most codes and regulations are to prevent as much injury and illnesses as possible. These are the main codes and legislation which are implemented in my business:

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is an act which is used to discipline business to create and maintain a safe and well looked after environment for any person who deals works within the site. OHS is a list of codes and requirements that businesses must follow. Not following these codes can cause serious harm to employees and also fines may apply to the company.

  • Occupational health, safety and welfare Act
  • Codes of practice
  • Occupational health , safety and welfare regulations


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