Self-Assessment: Communication Style

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Self-Assessment: Communication Style


Face to Face /Self-Assessment: Communication Style

This assignment will help me discuss not only my results from the self-assessment of “What is My Face to Face Communication style?” but also the study of my peer perception survey study that goes along with it that intends the me to write about the scores that has been given to me by acquaintances, friends, and family. Now after reviewing how other individuals perceive me even if I do know myself yet with a survey conducted as such most people realize that they may not be perceived as we would like. Now due to these assessments these surveys will help strategize the proper strategy to enhance my interpersonal communication and self-esteem, but I must be open to the willingness to change and as well as constructive criticism to improve my perception.

How I feel about my “What is My Face to Face Communication Style?” Self-assessment.

After reviewing my scores for my self-survey assessment, I learn that a few of my answers are pretty much in line with what I was expecting. My higher scores are in being conscientiousness which is when someone is responsible, dependable, achievement oriented and persistent. This means that I indicate that I may pursue in a purposeful way fewer goals. I mean I think I am pretty responsible because when I have something to do I make sure I get everything I need to done first and people tend to respect that about me and can relay on me, also being dependable is something I feel I am really good at people can talk to me because they can depend on me to help them with their problem, they trust me and can talk to me about anything. I also got a high score in being achievement orientation which refers to how I can react to the task at hand. The scores that I did score low on was on two different categories which was extroversion and emotional stability which in order is when someone has trouble being talkative, assertive and sociable and since I did score low this does mean that I am introvert which is a shy person. Also, since I score low on emotional stability which is when someone is secure, calm and enthusiastic and since I score low on this indicates that I have a negative emotional stability which is someone that is not that “stable” or “balanced”. But I do not agree with that 100% I think it is just I trust issues that get in the way of my life, but I hope one day I can get over that and move on to better open positions in my life.

Peer Perception Survey

I found the survey that was completed very interesting since it was how other people perceive me. I had the survey done by my parents and two of my cousins, since my parents are two people that known me for pretty much my whole life and the two cousins I picked are two that I trust with my life and hang with any chance I can get when I can and I know they will be totally honest with me and the survey and will have fun with it but overall the survey did come to appear with not only positive and well lets just say things I can work but everyone does perceive me to be positive, to like most people, friendly, helpful, happy, honest and most of them does not agree on everything like to be proactive or reactive, interesting or boring etc. Things like that but these are things that I can work on that can make me a better person.

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