Emotion in Advertising

Emotions in Advertising

BSCOM/324: Communication Research

Ebony Gray, Brandi Ijames Latrice

August 5, 2019

Doreen Simmons

We understand that women respond emotionally to advertisements. To gather information on what is being used to market the ads to women consumers we must narrow what emotion is being triggered. Depending on the commercial depends on the emotion women display and how it relates to them. By analyzing each emotion, we can code to see the different units used in the advertisement to sway women into making purchases. Coding is a measurement to use as a search pattern. As a team, we thought it would be the best fit to use a categorical unit of coding and color-coding.  This was determined on exactly what is being advertised and the different emotions that could be gathered from it.

One of the categories or units we used for coding is how sexy do the undergarments make you feel. This is one of the most important factors because no one wants to spend money on something is that going to make them feel uncomfortable. Feeling good and being comfortable in undergarments that you have spent a good amount of money on is also something that you think about because we all think that the more you spend, the better the product will be. The better the quality the more it may cost you. Victoria Secret and Pretty Little Things has the quality right along with the stylish code. Being stylish means, you are rocking with the times and trending. For most of us, this is key because you want to fit in and of course be apart “What’s Hot” in society. Another code is being affordable, although Victoria Secret and Pretty Little Things are pricey, we believe that the prices are affordable because you get the quality, long-lasting, comfortable, stylish and it feels so good against your body products. A bra can last you 3 times longer than a cheap bra that you may grab put of Walmart. Your exercise attire can last you longer as well because the best in material is chosen and the styles are always up to par. Selfcare plays a part in the product because for the most it is rare that I have heard of anyone having allergic reactions from the material being used.

The coding system was used as a color code scheme. We placed the colors in order along with the emotional feeling. Then we placed 1’s in the boxes where we saw fit into the appealing aspect of the advertisements. This was how we determined how they both were similar and how they both were different. The color-coding system was just an easy approach.

With our research, the plan would be to watch different ads from two top retailers and look at catalogs they offer to observe the different units. By documenting the frequency of each unit, we can then tally the number of each category to see what is most effective in the ads with Pretty Little Thing and Victoria Secret.


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