Getting Started in Communication Research

Getting Started in Communication Research

Brandi Ijames

BSCOM/324: Communication Research

July 14, 2019

Doreen Simmons

Getting started in Communication Research

Part 1

Can communication technology such as social media help a business group?

-If social media is offered as a meeting tool it would decrease face to face interaction.

-If social media is used with video conferencing, performance within the group will change.

I would select one person who prefers face to face meeting and select one person who prefers social media meeting. Choosing the two with different preferences will allow me to explore why they prefer those different methods and to see which would be more beneficial to the group.

Part 2

Can increased adult supervision on cyberbullying reduce suicide rates for generation Z?

– There is a relationship between cyberbullying and high suicide rates.

-There is a relationship between adult supervision and cyberbullying.

I would interview a parent that has lost a child due to cyberbullying. I would like to include in the interview a parent of a bully who used social media as an outlet to bully.

Part 3

Based on the research assignment I would use empirical research approach. I choose this research method based on my subjects. I believe both questions should be solved by using verifiable evidence. Finding research that can be backed up with facts and not opinions would fall under the empirical method. Sometimes research includes mostly opinions other than facts from sources or studies.

The rhetorical approach is using a more persuasive style. This method can have an effect that could influence the audience based on one’s reasoning. Critical research method allows you to pick apart theories made by society. As a critical researcher, you are studying or analyzing claims that may have different results. The interpretative approach is understanding human experiences and how they interpret events.