Communication Theories Paper Part 3

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Communication Theories Paper



March 4, 2019


(Part III)

Assumptions of Social Exchange Theory

Assumptions of Social Exchange Theory explains how self-interest is not considered necessarily appalling and can be utilized to improve relationships. Interpersonal trades are thought to be closely resembling monetary businesses where people are fulfilled when they get a reasonable return for their consumptions. This is one of my favorite theories, as this approach gives you the opportunity to obtain a healthy relationship with others which in turn allows you the ability to give and take from one other. It is evidently clear that either a relationship will continue or will be terminated. An experience that I have with this type of theory is a relationship with my best friend. She and I live together and feed off one another. For example, my best friend is a Restaurant Sales Manager in a large restaurant chain, and I am a Sales Manager in a national hotel chain. When we need a great rate on a hotel room we use my discount, and when we want to eat out at a restaurant we use her discount. The way that our relationship resembles that of the Social exchange theory we have an interpersonal relationship that is the satisfaction of both our self-interests. When we go on vacation together, I provide the lodging needs and she provide the dining needs. Social Exchange is “All Social Exchange theories are built upon several assumptions about human nature and the nature of relationships (West and Turner, p.167)”. If our financial health could be better which will result in saving more money. The way that we can improve our financial health is by not eating out as much or taking as many vacations.

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