Communication Theories Paper Part 4

Communication Theories Paper



March 4, 2019


(Part IV)

Evolution of Communication Privacy Management Theory

Another exceptional theory that caught my eye is Evolution of Communication Privacy Management Theory. This theory is the acknowledgment of someone that requires overseeing private and open limits. These limits are between those sentiments that one needs to uncover and those one needs to keep private. Exposure in relationship improvement is more than uncovering private data to another, in any case. Arrangement and coordination of limits are required, and choices on exposure need close observing. In my experience, I had a friend ask me a personal question about information that I did not want my other friends to know. So, I politely told her that I was not comfortable disclosing information to her and not to take it personally. Whereas, when I speak to my family I entrust them with all the information I was holding in. I believe that I handled this situation extremely well and there was no way to make communication better.

In conclusion, I have expressed the interpersonal and intrapersonal theories that can be applied to one’s personal life experiences. Communication is inevitable and is simply something people do. There is no meaning in a message except what is put into it. To understand the human communication process, one must recognize how people relate to each other. These theories explain the personal experiences I have described, as well as, predict particular communication behaviors. Now that I am more familiar with communication theory and research, I am able to be more effective than before during situations in the future.