Creativity Seminar: Thinking Outside the Box

Creativity Seminar: Thinking Outside the Box

Learning Team B

BSCOM/435 Creativity and Communication

Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box

I. Overview

II. Primary purpose for education

A. Acquisition of knowledge

B. Skills development

1. Job training

2. Technological advancement

C. Intrinsic motivation

D. Development of social relationships

E. Career advancement

F. Social change

1. Paulo Freire

a. Liberating force of education

b. Community change and support

2. John Dewey

a. Students as “agents of change”

b. Integrated learning

III. Adult learning style

A. Self motivation

1. Internal rewards

2. Self-direction in learning

B. Previous experiences


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C. Learning activities

1. Meaningful

2. Collaboration

IV. Conclusion