Love Beyond the Words Promotion and Advertising plan

Love Beyond the Words Promotion and Advertising plan


Title of Movie: Love beyond the words.

Love beyond words is Rated PG-13. The target audience for the film will be women, age ranging from 22-35 that might relate to wanting to find the love of their life. In this proposal, the marketing team will describe and show how to promote the Love Beyond the Words to these women. We will decide how to create the advertising and promotional message and describe how we will integrate the marketing communication showing the differences from the other films within its genre. We will follow this plan to create a buzz and draw attention to the movie making it a big hit.

Movie Description

A romantic comedy where Molly played by Julia Stiles and Bobby played by Freddie Prinze Jr. struggle to find each other. They are pen pals who have been writing each other since they were children. These two characters started writing each other as an assignment for their English class in the 4th grade. After the assignment they continued to remain writing companions. The movie gives glimpses of the writing throughout the years and they end up meeting in person by accident on a trip in high school. There are funny events that lead them to fall deeper for one another. There will be other notable actors within this film. You will see Bobby’s best friend, Chrissy played by Mila Kunis try to lead him astray through many funny adventures.

Marketing Plan.

It will be important to draw people in, so that they this movie is all that these women are talking about. We want to create the suspense for them so that the target audience will want more and will have other people wanting more just from their excitement. By using a lot of the social media outlets consumers will be able to see glimpses of the movie and will want to see more. While we keep constant engagement on the social media sites, we will be able to talk to the consumers and give them more tidbits about the movie from the characters point of view. By offering a link with the small glimpses, people will be able to go straight to the website to see the whole movie trailer and get more information on the movie. While on the site the consumers will be able to see the products that they can purchase regarding to the movie as well. The teasers and trailers will be a huge marketing opportunity for this movie to be successful. When the people are seeing the teasers, it can create a buzz on the social media sites and people will talk about them.

It will be important to have movie posters out within the movie theatres, malls and shopping centers. The posters will be used to show some of the actors within the movie and draw in those consumers who love those actors or actresses. The movies posters will create curiosity on what We will want to have a lot of partnerships with different companies so that they would be willing to promote our movie within their locations. The more places that the movie posters can be seen the more buzz there is. We will plaster the posters and images to the sides of buses with huge ads, place billboards all around the city and even on the walls of subways, train depots and even airports.

It will be important to place full-page ads in major newspapers and magazines, especially the ladies’ magazines and magazines that draw in the target audience of women between the age of 22 to 35. By targeting magazines that are geared toward the market audience than the advertisements get to a larger outlet. With people seeing the movie advertisements, it will keep the movie in their heads and will keep reminding them of it.

The message will be the feeling that the movie will create, it will be love lasting through the years and how it can start with just a few words. There are many factors that can come into making this movie stand out among the rest. There can be other movies that are romantic comedies and they will always compete with Love Beyond the Words. The importance of differentiating this movie from the rest is creating a warm feeling that the consumer will want to revisit repeatedly. It will be important to make sure that the advertisements stand out among the other advertisements. It will be important to make the posters look different from other romantic comedies. By using a unique tag line or message it will catch the eye and make the movie seem different from all the others.

Some of the strategies that we will consider differentiating our movie from other will be having a public relations team who would be able to interact with the consumers on the social media page and websites. This will give the consumers the feeling that they are part of the movie and that their opinions and feeling matter as well. Many people want to feel connected and like they are part of the process. This will help show that this movie is different. The Public Relations team will be able to give some details but not too many that it will give away the whole story line and plot of the movie.

Another strategy that we will use will be our actors will make more public appearances and meet with more fans. By creating this idea that the actors are approachable and not the stereotypical star the consumers will love them more and want to keep up with their movies making our movie one of the tops of the list. The company would also like to get the actors and actresses out the volunteering in the community with movie tee shirts. This creates a great image not only for us but for the movie as well. It is important that the image of the actors, actresses and the movie is good because if there is any sort of negativity it can create bad publicity. We will also offer early screening to winners of contests that we will hold to draw in the idea that anything is possible. The contests will range from photo contests, to videos and from writing to singing. It will be a good way to also keep the image fun.

If the company works hard on all this, the movie will be successful. We will use marketing images and social media marketing for some of our main focus for advertising. Our public relations team will keep in contact with our consumers, so that the consumers feel like part of the movie and feel like they can interact with the actors, actresses and directors. The last thing will be publicity events that the actors will do to create that friendly image while still promoting the movie. This will be a strong plan and will differentiate Love Beyond the Word from any other romantic comedy.