Budget Plan Summary

Budget Plan Summary






Budget Plan Summary

The police department is often entitled with ensuring the wellbeing of the society at large. They are meant to uphold the level of security within any community and prevent the progression and if possible the prevent individuals from breaking the law. Many times, they are unable to perform their duties effectively because of several reasons, the main one in several instances being under provision of required resources by the government. To begin with, they may be underequipped with the basic police equipment thereby rendering the ineffective should they find themselves in a crime scene for instance. Equipment such as the two way mobile radios are highly effective and often go a long way to ensure that crime is prevented or that the perpetrators of the crime are brought to book; However, several times, in a given unit, these may be lacking and thus pose a great challenge to those in a given department (Cordner,2013).

Another key requirement are the on body police cameras. These are very important as they help mainly in identification of the subjects. This together with the facial recognition software would go a great way in transforming the service provided by our department as had been alluded to before. It is because of all this anticipated transformation that we are extremely grateful for the large amount of money that was donated to us recently. We believe that this will go a long way into transforming the services that we are able to provide and in the long run, give good security to the community at large. The following is how we intend to use the money (Pauw, 2011).

A large portion of the money will go first into the purchase of the aforementioned equipment. On estimation, a good police body camera dubbed Patrol eyes roughly costs $520.These are the most important equipment for any police officer. Approximately 100 of these will be needed, totaling up to approximately $52,000.The next item on the list to be acquired is the mobile radios. These have to be acquired in a large number because in certain instances, there are often challenging crimes being investigated. Such often require more police to join from different local area units. Therefore if present in several numbers, these will come to the aid of the personnel in such an easy manner. Also, because the donation is a onetime occurrence, whose sustainability is not well defined and often times the government fails to replenish the available equipment. It would be a great idea to acquire several of these (Manning, 2008).

A quality mobile radio costs approximately $100.We plan on purchasing 80 of these to assist in better communication currently and in the near future. This totals up to approximately $8,000. The next important item on the budget is the facial recognition software. This will go a long way in helping us identify and confirm suspects. This then will prevent arrests of innocent individuals and will ensure those guilty are placed behind bars. A full installation, has been estimated to cost approximately $30,000 in all the computers of a given unit. This includes occasional maintenance and frequent updates of the same (Pauw, 2011).

All the above mentioned equipment often require a well-established computer system together with a good internet connection. It therefore follows that additional computers will be added, approximately 10, estimated to cost $120 each. This will then sum up to $1,200.Internet connection is currently present and therefore only a renewal of the initial yearly subscription will be made which costs $1000 (Manning, 2008).

The final important purchase that will be made is the digitalized computer for the police cars. These will still help in the continuum of communication that will have been laid ahead by all the equipment mentioned above. One of such costs $4 and 50 of these will be required, hence $200.All these total up to $92,400.For any budget made, there often has to be a figure dedicated to miscellaneous issues that may arise for instance fluctuation of prices among several other factors. The figure is often put at 10% of the overall figure budgeted for; however, our budget was a busy one and thus the miscellaneous is estimated at $7,600 (Cordner, 2013).


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