BUS 119 Week 3 Journal

Week 3 Leadership Journal

Week 3 Journal

BUS 119

Principles of Personal & Organizational Leadership

These last couple of weeks have been very informative. Being in a leadership position myself, I have found that I still have a lot to learn. Learning about the difference between leadership traits and leaderships skills, I have always thought that they went hand and hand. While leadership traits are feature of your character. Traits are more about your personality and while skills are acquired through training, education and life experiences.

Another topic that I found very interesting was the section on vision. I learned that there are three characteristics to vision which are picture, change, and values. Visions paint an ideal image of an organization should be going. Change moves an organization or a system toward something more positive in the future. Visions point the way to new ways of doing things that are better than how things were done in the past. And lastly, is Values. To advocate change within a group or an organization requires an understanding of one’s own values, the values of others, and the values of the organization (Northouse, 2018).

One interesting resource so far in this course that was really an eye opener was the video “Begin with the end in mind.” After watch this video, I realized that I have never given much thought to what I would want people to say or remember about me when I get old. Being in my early 40’s now, I believe it’s my time to shine and really show people what I am all about both professionally and as a person. I have always been a hard worker to provide for my family. I have bought up my kids to have the upmost respect for their elders, family members, and anyone else they may choose to be make a part of their lives. Now my kids are adults, soon I will have grandkids on the way. I want to be remember as the best mom and grandparent they could ever have. Professionally I would like to be remember are a great leader who always had the best interest of the employees first. A leader that gave her all to help train, coach, and mentor her employees to succeed. From a business aspect, I would want my organization to remember me by my strong passion and drive to help the organization thrive.

The lessons I have learned so far in this course can be applied in the real world by knowing where I want to go as a leader. Having a vision will help me by having an end goal in mind. Also by creating an individual development plan (IDP), I can develop short term and long term goal, with a list on items that I need to accomplish and a time frame for each item.


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