BUS 302 Week 3 Discussion

Week 3 Discussion

Part 1: Post a Response

What do you think are your top five (5) strengths? Do you think most companies use their employee’s strengths well? Why or why not?

Bottom of Form

When it comes to my top 5 strengths, I believe mine are Loyal, hard-working, charismatic, helpful and honest. My strengths are what makes me who I am, and some were taught others came naturally. When it comes to companies, I don’t think most companies use their employee’s strengths well. In my opinion, there’s a rare percentage of companies that actually care enough to know their employee’s strengths let alone utilize them. Also, I believe most companies only give tasks to whomever not based on personal strengths. For example, one employee maybe good at one particular task, but, maybe given a task that doesn’t utilize their strengths. I feel a company can function at its best when everyone is being used based on their strengths and what they are best at doing. When that happens everyone can be at their best, and the company and employees will thrive.